Tropical Bert’s 17/10


Friday October 17, Pleasant Valley – ST

Mike O’Brien Crushes The Field

Its Friday morning and that means a group of golfers is at Tropical Bert’s having breakfast and brew, scanning the sky, checking handicaps, and hoping for good luck.  We were joined by a few new faces and everyone was welcomed.  The target this day was Pleasant Valley, and right at 8:30 we departed.

Pleasant Valley is a course most people enjoy playing.  The course is interesting with some long tee shots that give even the better golfers the jitters, and some short “I dare you” par 4’s that can make or break a round.  Recent heavy rains have played havoc with the local courses and Pleasant Valley is no exception.  There were some very soggy areas, and many sand traps almost unusable.  However overall the course is in very playable condition, and full credit goes to the course management as we saw several maintenance crews around the course getting it back in top shape.  Playing off the blue tees under sunny skies, “lift-n-clean” was called.  During the round a large group of locals teed off in the middle of our tournament, and when we inquired about going up to share our vocal opinions we were informed the head of the group owned the golf course!  So the rules for the day were amended to lift, clean, and be patient.

Such conditions and an interesting layout make guessing how the scores will turn out futile.  Nothing to do but wait for the results back at Bert’s.  The winner this day with an astounding 45 points was Mike O’Brien (22).  Wow, did Mike play the same course as the rest of us?  Well played Mike!  Second place was nabbed by Alan Sullivan (10) with 41 points, and Alan wondered what it takes to win some days.  Mashi Kaneta (14) took third with 38 points, while Tom Cotton (24) had 36 and Landis Brooks (8) finished fifth with 35 points. Some good scores indeed.

Near pins: Gerd Reidler, Mike O’Brien, Walter Baechli, Mikito Homma




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