Tropical Bert’s 17/09

Tuesday The 17th September 2013: Pleasant Valley ( Stableford): Well yes, as you ask, it did rain, and although Pleasant Valley did not turn into Pleasant Swamp like it used to, it was still soggy and carts were not allowed on the fairways. The sky was always dark and there is nothing worse in Thailand than that constant drizzle that wets one through,and that hot sun that turns the drizzle into a hot humid day.

That is of course unless, when the carts are not allowed onto the fairway, the paths are on the left and you as a right hander develop a big slice. That walk from the cart to the ball across a wet fairway with the wrong club can be a pain. And at the end of the round you wonder why you ever wanted a cart in the first place.

The answer is that at least you get the odd sit down. And as all know, there are days when you need to sit down. Mind ten years ago I used to consider the sanity of those who took a cart, now I know why. It is called the passing of the years, although we do have a lot of players over 70 who walk. Brave men.

Getting back to the golf, the Course, the general condition was not too bad, but oh those greens, if there are slower greens anywhere in the Eastern Seaboard I have yet to find them. And with it raining very few puts actually made the hole, that is first time. But very picturesque.

Round over it was a wet and cold crew that got into the showers. Still that warmed us up, and also I am told by the other golfers, the cheerful staff helped. There is nothing damps sales more than a lack of a smile. Well done the staff.

So it was back to Bert’s and the results soon came up. The winner on the day was Guess Who?. Just a clue, he had a hole in one the day before. So for a change!!! the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 37 points ahead of Mark West in second with 35 points. In third was Graham Buckingham with 34 points ahead of Derek Brook in fourth with 33 points. Off on me ‘Holidays’ to Blighty now. Happy Days!!!. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Frank ‘Turbo’ Pilkington Tom Herrington Max Hofer

2013-09-17 17-32-59 - IMG_0879
First three with one of Bert’s finest

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