Tropical Bert’s 17/06

Tuesday​  June 17, Green Valley – ST

Bob Watson Makes Triumphant Return

On Tuesday a smaller than usual group met for breakfast in preparation for the competition at Green Valley.  The weather forecast called for rain, and thick clouds overhead made many wonder if we were  wasting a morning drive.  As four groups gathered on the tee anxious eyes looked up, but lo and behold not only was there no rain, but much of the sky cleared, and umbrellas came out not to keep dry but to keep cool.

The the conditions at Green Valley were good, and surprisingly there was no backup on the first tee as has been the case lately.  With the issue of weather put aside we could concentrate on playing golf, and play golf many people did!  Clubhouse chatter after the round indicated many good scores were had, but who would win?

Back at Bert’s everyone eagerly gathered for the results – everyone except one hapless group who had neither experience or a GPS, and took the little known route of driving from Green Valley to Pattaya via Rayong.  Finally arriving back at Bert’s found the other golfers on their second game of chess, just finishing War and Peace, or surrounded by empty bottles.  Oh well, it happens sometimes.

When the results were announced two facts became obvious – you had to shoot your handicap to be even   considered for mention, and Bob Watson is back in town!  Not only is Bob back but he is better than ever.  They say Tiger Woods not only wants to win but destroy and demoralize his opponents, and Bob sure did that with a fantastic 43 points off a handicap of 7.  All we can say is hats off and congrats to Bob!  Tom Cotton’s (22) 38 points was good for second place (still 5 shots back), Daryl Evans (22) nabbed third with 37 points.  Then we had four players tied with 36 points!  When all was done Barry Elphick (23) won the countback. Where are all these good golfers coming from?

Near Pins:  Mashi Kaneta, John Anderson, Bob Watson, Ted Morris.




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