Tropical Bert’s 15/08

 Friday August 15, Wangjuntr – Valley Course

We fought the course, and the course won! This Friday the gang at Tropical Bert’s made a special trip out to Wangjuntr to play the Valley course. The trip was 90 minutes each way, but most people rode in the van and lively conversation made the time go fast. Much of the conversation centered on this unique venue, course strategy, and why is there a “tr” at the end of Wangjuntr that is not pronounced?

All the courses at “Wangjun” excel in scenery, and to say the layout is “challenging” is to be kind. You are never safe when there are bunkers in the middle of the green! Word is the Jungle course is now fully open so another trip is in our future to check it out. The Valley course however was made more difficult than necessary due to fairways with grass longer than the rough, very uneven cut, and rows of grass clippings littering many fairways. Some greens still have quite a bit of sand on them. That said, this is one place where you often put down your club to appreciate the fantastic scenery.

The van ride back to Bert’s was quieter due to some people using the time to catch up on sleep, and the rest spoke only in polite whispers out of respect. Right! Back at Bert’s the scores were posted, and it was obvious the course won this day. No one broke handicap, a rare event. Winner of the day was Brian Parish (12) with 35 points. Well played Brian. Taking second was Tom Herrington (15) with 31 points, followed by Ted Morris (12) with 30. Near pin awards were collected by Mark West and Ted Morris.


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