Tropical Bert’s 14/10

Tuesday The 14th October 2014:  Khao Kheow ( Stableford) It has been pretty wet of late, you may have noticed, but chose how much it rains and how miserable the day looks, we slip into cars and off we go. So far despite a few days of rain during the round, we have always finished, and finished in really good conditions.


This day it did not look too bad, but as said when it does look bad we have got away with it, who knows. So off we went and soon got there and booked in. Then out to the tee and off we went playing the C & A Nines. The ground was wet but very playable and we got only a little run, still it was a day out and we had a good walk around.


A light meal and then off we went back to Bert’s.

The results were not long in coming. The winner with a great round of 43 points was Tom Herrington ahead of Don Carmody in second with 41 points. In third was Andre Van Dyk with 40 points and to finish of a winners list of high scores, Mashi Kaneta was in fourth with 38 points. Then we had a few beers.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin   Steve Hamstad   Tom Cotton   Tom Herrington   Walter Baechli


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