Tropical Bert’s 14/05

Tuesday The 14th May 2013: Bangpra(Stableford) Well it really does seem the low Season is here as people go and very few arrive. So it was a much lower number that turned up at Bert’s and got underway down, or up, to Bangpra. Getting there early we were able to get to the first tee on time, even a bit early, and get underway.

For most of the players this is a really first rate Course , except for the monkeys, sneaky little devils, leave anything loose and it has a good chance of disappearing. Tried it with the Caddie, but she won. So we ploughed on in hot temperatures. The Course was as you would expect at Bangpra which is famous for its fast greens. Get above the pin and try to get near the pin.

The rest of the Course was how you would expect it having had many years to mature. It is a fine walk around. It is also a great test of Golf and on this day with heat was to prove to be a lot more than most could handle. As the end came in sight most were flagging, oh for a cold shower.

We were soon back and the showers were great, then into the restaurant where all seemed to have a bite to eat. What a change from Tuesdays game. Then back to Bert’s.

There with a reduced number it was soon time. We had a Winner, Max Bracegirdle with 36 points, I played with him and he played really well. In second was Mike Gaussa with 33 points ahead of Derek Brook in third with 32 points proving that someone who is in the B Flight can be lucky.

Near Pin Max Bracegirdle (2) Mike Gaussa

Max Bracegirdle

Max Bracegirdle Winner

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