Tropical Bert’s 12/11

Tuesday The 12th November 2013: Crystal Bay ( Stableford) Bert’s was busy at breakfast as all 26 golfers arrived for the days outing. Biggest crowd for quite some time. Would have been even more but our regular RBL guy’s were up in Kanchanaburi for Remembrance Day activities. We had two flights today for the Stableford competition and the near pins.

Up Sukhumvit to Crystal Bay in reasonable time and a quick check in for the “C” and “A” nines, saw us off C-1 right on our scheduled 10:00 tee time. No rain in the forecast and other than the odd leaky sprinkler head the course was well presented and the ball was getting roll. Very pleasant after the wet period we have been going through. And, based on the scores that came in, the conditions were great for scoring well for those who managed to figure out the greens and putt well.

Back at Bert’s it was time for the “Banger’s and Mash” Golfer’s Special and a thirst quencher while the results were tabulated and then on to the presentation. Frequent visitors Frank Pilkington and Reg Cochrane were welcomed back. Well done to all!!

“A” Flight ( 0 – 17)

1st – Brian Parish (14) 40pts
2nd – Takeshi Hakozaki (12) 39pts
3rd – Bob Watson (4) 38pts

Near Pins: John Harrison, Landis Brooks, Alain Taddei, Paul Smith

“B” Flight (18 +)
1st – Reg Cochrane (36) 39pts
2nd – Mick Coghlan (21) 36pts
3rd – Barry Oats (23) 35pts, c/b over Brian Gabe

Near Pins: Brian Gabe, Graham Buckingham, Frank Pilkington, Reg Cochrane

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