Tropical Bert’s 12/03

Tuesday The 12th March 2013: Khao Kheow ( Stableford)
Our Monthly trip to Khao Kheow started as usual at Bert’s, a little earlier this time as the Tee off was 30 minutes earlier. However as usual the players did not click on, so we got a few early groups on the road and sent the rest on behind. We are not saying who did not check up on the time, but it was the normal suspects!!!.

The book in here is easy, and fast, so we were soon through and into the start area where we learnt that we were to play the A & C Nines, for me the most difficult test, and we were soon off. The test on this 18 holes, off the yellow tees, is amongst the most difficult of any Course. I once did a record of rounds there over 600+ rounds and found this Course very rarely was beaten. Something like 1 in 50 or so rounds actually beat their handicap and only one in the hundreds beat 40 points and usually the best scores were by our Lady Golfers off the red tees.

So on this day what did we expect to get, well a difficult day out and if you played well a sense of achieving something. So on the day and we found that the Course was in better condition than it had been for some time. The fairways were not too over used, and the greens were in good condition. So as the wind was not too strong there was a chance some of the players would come up with a good round.

Back at Bert’ it was soon time for the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Kei Kasami on a countback on 36 points with Mike Gaussa who was in second. In third was Mark West with 35 points on countback over Mashi Kaneta. Then to the B Flight where the scores were a lot lower. The winner was Carole Kubicki with 33 points ahead of Dick Warberg with 32 points in second. For third we had a countback on 29 points that saw Keith Phillips in third and AVD just missing out. The Course as usual had won.

So the ‘Point’ for the day is that if you want to be in the results at K.K. either be a Lady or a high handicapper, because the scores are a lot lower. Right, decision made it looks like I am in the B Flight from now on. T.T.F.N.

Near Pins Mike Gaussa Mark West Alan Sullivan Kei Kasami
Long Put Walter Baechli James Beard

2013-03-11 18-09-46 - IMG_0752
Winners of the Flights

Friday The 15th March 2013: Plutaluang ( South and East)
I thought I would give it a try as we were booked to play the East and South, an 18 holes I find quite good when the Course is in good condition, but would the Course be in good condition ?.

We had a reasonable turn out and we were soon underway to the Course. The weather looked great and we were soon changed and at the starters hut, where we found out we could play the East and South in that order. Now I usually do not go along to Plutaluang because the other two nines are to me worse that a bad toothache, even though some players think they are great.’’.

Incidentally, for some reason the ‘Rate’ when we booked in was really good, ma
ybe we were in for a treat. So onto the East and apart from the fact that the holes on the green were square the Course was really good, for the first time for a long time I enjoyed a nine holes at Plutaluang, even if they were square.

Onto the South and despite it being a bit dry in places , it really was in fine condition. Even a breeze to cool us down. And they even supplied another 9 holes on the greens that had not been moved since the turn of the year, I suspect, yes and square if you ignore the grass growing over the corners of the holes. Do not let this minor problem deflect from the fact that the rest of the Course was in fine condition, fairways clean and greens in good condition, a fine round and I would play South and East any time it was in as good a condition as today. Square holes and all.

So around it was into the changing room which is a good place to get a shower, and then up to the Restaurant which is a fine facility with excellent views and really good prices. Then into the transport and back to Bert’s, where the ‘Golfers Special’ was Fish, Chips and peas. Excellent.

The winner on the day was Doug Maiko with a fine 41 points ahead of Mike Gaussa in second with 37 points. In third was Mike O’Brien with 35 points then a 6 way countback that saw Landis Brooks in fourth, Ken Hatton in fifth and Max Bracegirdle, Walter Baechli, Mark West, and A.V.D. just losing out.

All in all a good day at a good rate and if the Course continues to be in such good condition one we will visit again. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Mike Gaussa (2) Landis Brooks Brian Parish


Doug Maiko

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