Tropical Bert’s 11/12 & 13/12

Wednesday The 11th December 2013: The Emerald ( Stableford) It made a change playing on a Wednesday and in fact seemed to throw the week off somehow. I mean a Wednesday at Bert’s, still there were few takers to play the day before as not only was it a Holiday, but weekend rates always apply on a holiday. Still we had a pretty good turnout this day, maybe because we had a late start, and it was a good bunch that set off for the Emerald.

It was a trip of discovery going to the Course with Mashi as we went on roads I have never travelled, still we finally got there to find the Course very busy. In fact arriving at the first Tee we found we were not booked in due to a hitch in the bookings, still we finally managed to get off. Not sure what happened but no point worrying after the event.

We were on our way however a bit late and were to find with the wind the Course was proving difficult, apart from the fact that with the Course full in front a slow day was to be found. Still we pushed on to find the Course in reasonable condition but with the greens in sanded condition and difficult to put on. This Course is difficult to play on any day with the lies you get never on the level and with raised greens all the way around. Still some of our players enjoy it and like to play there.

Round over much later than normal we went into the Restaurant which is the only ‘Outside’ one on any Course and can be quite windy. It is also a Restaurant where you can get very good food at a reasonable price. Most of the players had a bite to eat, then it was back to Bert’s.

Late back .we soon got into the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was John Hackett with 38 points with Tony Scamber in second with 37 points and Mark West in third with 36 points. In the B Flight the winner was Daryl Evans with 36 points ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw Barry Oats in second and Brian Gabe in third.

It being late many players went home but a few stopped to talk the day over. And Over.

Near Pin Max Bracegirdle Landis Brooks Tony Scamber Barry Oats

2013-12-11 19-03-50 - IMG_09191
Flight Winners

Friday The 13th December 2013: Treasure Hill ( Stableford) This day was expected to go ahead with very few Golfers as most of our regulars had decided to go ahead and Marshal at The Thailand Golf Competition at Amata Spring Country Club. So Mashi and Daryl Evans ‘Volunteered’ to run the day and thanks to them. In the circumstances we still had a fair group of players who set off.

I am informed the Course was in good condition and those who played had a great day. Later at Bert’s the players returned as usual and later a group also returned, in green shirts, who told me that the day at Amata Springs went well and they were to go back on the Sunday. It really is tough here in Thailand.

The winner on the day was Landis Brooks with a fine 40 points ahead of Max Scott in second with 35 points. In third was Ted Morris with 33 points on countback over Daryl Evans in fourth. In fifth was Henry O’Brien with 32 points. The two groups them got together and told us of the goings on of both groups. Very interesting!!. T.T.F.N.

2013-12-13 17-45-06 - IMG_0921
Winner Landis with Organiser Daryl

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