Tropical Bert’s 11/02 & 13/02

Tuesday The 11th February 2014: Crystal Bay ( Stableford) Normal morning in Bert’s with a big group, chaos. The staff are very good getting out the ‘Golfers Breakfasts’ and usually by the time we should leave, all the players are raring and ready to go.

The drive down to Crystal Bay is pretty straight forward, turn left on Sukhumwit and keep driving until you reach the U turn, and straight into the Course. That is unless you go with Mashi, he goes so many back roads that you could get lost, mind he does know what he is doing. Incidentally a trivia point, as far as I know Crystal Bay is the only Course we play on the Eastern Seaboard you can get to without crossing a railway line.

Arriving at the first Tee we found out we were to play the B & C Nines, and we actually got away on time. For many years this was my favourite Course, it used to be in pristine condition, however the years have not been kind to it, it would be interesting to see how it was on this day.

We were soon walking down the first and the first thing I noticed was that the ball had mud on it, looking around you could see they had been watering the fairway, and so it proved all the way around, but we did play the ball as it lay. The second thing was that the greens were very poor. They now have growths of various coloured grass on them and seem to bounce a lot. Some of the grass is quite fast to put over and the darker green really slow. It was a bit of a nightmare on them and the players were not happy bunnies.

The rest of the round was much as one could expect at Crystal Bay, with a strong wind. You always get to play a reasonable game on this Course as in most respects it is fairly forgiving, so players always feel they are having a good day, of course except for the greens.

The trip back slipped by as in a dream, well I thought it was, but we were soon back at Bert’s. Soon it was time for the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Peter Platt with 38 points ahead of Tom Herrington in second with 36 points on countback over Mashi Kaneta in third. It may be noted that Tom Herrington at long last actually won a countback, has the World stopped turning. In fourth was Mark West with 35 points. In the B Flight the winner was Henry Wong with a great 40 points, I see him moving into the A Flight soon. In second was Carole Kubicki with 38 points, you can’t keep a good Kubicki down. We then had a countback on 34 points that saw Graham Buckingham in third, George King in fourth and Don Carmody just losing out.

One interesting result was in the long put on the last hole, when Richard Kubicki had a very long put that seemingly could not be beaten, till Gus Dickie sank a monster. So it seems you can keep a good Kubicki down. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Brian Gabe Peter Platt John Hackett Tom Cotton
Long Put Peter Platt Gus Dickie

2014-02-11 17-57-32 - IMG_0972Mark3
Flight Winners with one of Bert’s Finest

Thursday The 13th February 2014: Treasure Hill (Stableford) This is one of the Courses that continues to get better, despite the fact that on a Course that is difficult enough anyway, also seems to get harder every time we play there. On this day as we went down the first we noticed that the area in front of the first was under repair and wondered if this was a warning of things to come, but from then on the round was a pleasure.

The players enjoy going there these days, apart from the drive up there, which is not as bad as it used to be. Mind the roads could be better and seem to have deteriorated over the last few years, so it was a pleasure on this day to have a reasonable trip up there.

So with the round underway it was time to smell the roses. This is one of those Courses that seems to be really quiet and you seem to be in a world of you own. It is not near anything and you have time to get away from things and relax. Mind the difficulty of the Course is enough to keep one or two of the players awake. On this day the fairways were really good, the rough really tough and the greens were running at a good speed, it would be interesting to see how the players had handled a day out on this tough but fair Course.

The Restaurant and facilities here have always been a bit basic but plenty good enough when you just need a shower and a bite to eat for the trip back. Service in the restaurant always seems to be friendly, if a bit basic. It takes me back to the days when to play this club you used to have to make special arrangements as it was a private club. It is still a bit different from the rest.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results. The winner on the day with a great round and 40 points was that old ‘Warhorse’ Dick Warberg. Nice to see him back on form. In second was Mark West with 37 points and in third was Don Carmody with 36 points. In fourth was Graham Buckingham with 34 points ahead of a countback on 32 points that saw Andre Van Dyk in fifth and Joseph Buckhagen in sixth. Seeing as how we played Thursday, as Friday was a holiday, we then got a start on the weekend. T.T.F.N.
Near Pin Mark West Bob Britton Dave Cooper

2014-02-13 17-47-59 - IMG_0974Mark
Winner and Second relax

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