Tropical Bert’s 10/10


Friday October 10, Greenwood – ST

Tom Herrington Steals First Place

This Friday the Tropical Bert’s golfers prepared to tackle Greenwood.  We had a few faces not seen in a while and there were many hearty handshakes. Every golf outing lately is prefaced by worrying about the rain that might come, or the rain that just was.  Such was the case this Friday.  Still, the weather looked clear compared to recent days, and no rain forecast.  After breakfast at Bert’s everyone saddled up for the long trek to Greenwood.

Greenwood is an excellent layout and good value, and that was obvious as soon as we arrived since there were at least two other golf groups playing this day.  Everyone knows Pattaya needs more rain, but as far as golf courses go there can be too much of a good thing.  Our A & C course condition could politely be described as soggy, but also the word swampy comes to mind.  Lift and clean was immediately invoked, but even so the course played very long, and even low drives had virtually no roll.  Fortunately most greens are elevated and were in good condition.

Such conditions lead to unpredictable results, and no one would speculate how the scores would end up.  When all was tallied it came to pass that Tom Herrington (18) won on count-back over his playing partner Walter Baechli (17) both having 39 points. Tom has been in a golf funk lately so could this be the sign of a comeback?  In third place was Bob (Mr. Consistent) Watson (3) with a fine 38 points off his microscopic handicap, followed by Tom Cotton (24) winning count-back over Mark West (14) both with 34 points, and then Mike O’Brien (22) with 33.  Quite a day it was!

Near pins:  Bob Watson, Maurice Roberts, Steve Hamstad



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