Tropical Berts 08/07


 Tuesday The 8th July 2014:  Bangpra ( Stableford)    We had a good turnout for this ‘First’ Golf Course opened in the area. One of the good things about the Course is that it has matured really well over the years and is a great Course to play, of course though, one of the worst aspects is the masses of monkeys that swarm here at times.


So a good meeting at Bert’s for his golfers breakfast’s then into cars as away we went. On thing that was surprising was that as we drove down there, the sky seemed to be full of rain. None of us had spotted that there was due to be rain about so had not checked the weather forecast, so it was a delve for the old phone and a check on what we were due. Not good news.


Soon there it was a slow check in as we could not pay before a certain time. This ‘Computer Business’ has some things to answer to.  Still we were able to pay, and then down to the first tee where we found we could get away early. The  Course was fine to look at and with the second shot just short of the first green I thought I was in a fine position. Walking off with a 6, I realised the greens were much faster, and trickier, than those we had been playing.


Then it started to rain so we had a break and got wet. This was when I realised my rain cover was not in my bag, it must be somewhere, I hope. Probably the same place as my golf balls, tees, spikes, etc of 2 weeks ago. So not only I but the bag got wet. Still after a short break we continued in a mild rain as golfers do.


Of course the good thing is that the rain forced the monkeys into cover, however during the round the caddie had to stop by the cart as the monkeys sallied forth as the rain slowed. There are certainly a lot of them about at the moment. Also the rain made the rough very difficult indeed and stray off the fairways and the ball sometimes was very difficult to get out of the rough. The rain also brought out the ‘Big Daddy’ of the Lizards who confidently swam across the water ahead of us and treated the balls we put in the water with disdain. It really is big as we also watched it out onto land.


One thing that did not slow down was the greens, or did not appear to, so I certainly had my toughest day on the greens in my memory. Still we battled on and wet and tired we finally finished to realise that this had been one tough day, in fact the hardest score wise that I can remember. It was also noticeable that my playing partners were not a lot better than me, I wondered how the other groups were.


A quick ‘Rainbow Ice-cream’, collect cards, then into the car for a quick look at the inside of my eye lids. It appeared a nice smooth drive, then we were going through the back streets of Pattaya as Mashi found his way back. Ever the man to miss the worst of the traffic.


Back at Bert’s nice and early it was soon time for the results. The winner with a good round of 38 points was Tom Herrington.Then it was ‘The Aussies’ doing what they do best and play good golf on a tough day. In second was Max Scott with 36 points with Bob Watson in third with 35 points. Then we had a first as John Anderson managed to have a good day and come fourth with 34 points. Then we all told ‘The Tale’ of how well we played, except the ‘Scribe’ who found that if the other players on the day had not played, he would have won, but needed all not to play. This Golf is tough.    T.T.F.N.


Near Pin     Tom Herrington (2)   Max Scott   Bob Watson


















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