Tropical Bert’s 07/10

Tuesday The 7th October: Bangpra ( Stableford)  Well hasn’t it poured down of late, it seems every time I look out onto Beach Road the Heavens have opened and the water is rushing down to beach road. Indeed the other day I made the decision to nip around to Bert’s to do a bit on the Golf, and blow me down Beach Road was jammed with cars. The reason was that the road was flooded and the drains were all spraying water into the air. The water at places was well up the wheels. Don’t you just love it that the drains work so well.


Anyhow we digress, but as I looked out on the morning it was raining as usual and the sky did not look good. I feared a sad end to the day. However after the normal breakfast in Bert’s we started off for Bangpra under heavy sky’s and falling rain. The weather did not seem to improve and until we were close to Bangpra when the rain  slowed and we arrived in just dark miserable conditions.


Surprisingly the Course allowed Carts on the Course and with the constant rain of late that was a real surprise, and it has to be said that the ball did pick up a fair bit of mud but the carts were fine and caused no damage. The Course had drained well, but it was noticeable that with the overcast conditions the monkeys stayed in bed until they slipped out to attack the carts on the back nine.  Still the fairways were fine, the greens acceptable and the rough soggy and wet. All in all we had a good time and got around well, even if we were a bit windswept.


Back at Bert’s soon we were quickly able to declare the results. Not that they were very pretty, but on a hard day for Golf, we  all said what a great day. The winner with 34 points was Landis Brooks ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw Bob Watson in second, Andre Van Dyk in third and Don Carmody in fourth. In fifth was Max Scott with 31 points. Then of course it really hammered it down outside and as captives of the rain we had to stop and have a few beers.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin   Tom Herrington



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