Tropical Bert’s 07/05&10/05

Tuesday The 7th May 2013 : Greenwood ( Stableford) I personally had not been here for some time and found it interesting to visit and find out how it was progressing, especially as it is the ‘Low Season’. So, early in the morning at Bert’s we gathered and I realised it would be nice to get a lift as it is a long way. Whilst it never gets closer, we do get there a bit faster these days as the roads now permit a straighter travel. However it is still a long way to the Course from the gate, we clocked it and it is 4.8 km, a fair trip even when you think you are there.

Arriving there it was a quick book in and out to the caddies, where we found we were to play the C & A Nines in that order. I am told that the B Nine is having extensive work done, especially on the greens and should be fine for the next High Season.

So to the Course and not having played here for some time, I had a great day out. The fairways had grass on and the greens were fast and true. It is always difficult to talk of the rough here, because if you get in it, it can be anything. From rough, to really rough to take a ‘Gun Bearer’ with you. The red ants are really tough.

So a great day was had by all, not dampened by a downpour for several hole, that brought a stay in the play. However when we started again the ground was sodden, but the temperature had dropped and it was as good as it gets. Still in the changing rooms the shower was welcome and then out to the restaurant. The food here is quite good and well priced and several ate as well as had a drink. Then into cars and back to Bert’s. As I was resting my eyes it was a fine drive back, or so I am told.

The players were soon tucking into Bert’s Golfers Special, on this day fish and chips and peas, It seemed just about all the players partook. Then into the results. The winner with a fine 37 points was Mashi ahead of Bob Watson with 35 points in second on countback over Mike Gaussa in third. In fourth was Dick Warberg with 32 points and in fifth was Nigel Perry. We then as usual put the World to rights. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Mike Gaussa Bob Watson Brian Parrish

2013-05-06 18-24-15 - IMG_0776
Winner and Runner up

Friday The 10th May 2013: Phoenix ( Stableford) There are some Courses you play because they are great Courses, there are some you play because in this World Financial
Drought they are a great deal, and there are some you play because they are cheap and are better than stopping in bed. Now we get to Phoenix!!!.

I have played here for many years, but not of late. I go back to when the Course first opened, and have seen it’s progression. Let me put it up front, essentially this is a good Course with three really good Nine holes. It is close to Pattaya and you can get there in no time what so ever. You can have a great time. So why is it not played more?. By many including me.

Well, it is the same as being in Alcatraz. You arrive there and the boards telling you what you cannot do are all over the place. If you are blind there is obviously no problem. And finish the round and see how many players are in the restaurant, very few. This is very sad. What a great facility that to be brutally honest could do with someone to talk to the golfers and try to make them welcome. That is it, you do not feel as if you are welcome!!!.

Still on this day we slipped in and played. And the Course was a pleasure to play, once you had made sure you had not infringed one of the rules. So a great day out and after a shower I thought of going into the restaurant, but all the players had gone, very sad but it is the only Course I know where this would happen. Not only that, this is the only Course where the female staff walk around in the changing room as you get changed. Mind one or two players do not mind.

So there is no after food, so we went back to Bert’s, so back at Bert’s we partook of the ‘Golfers Special’ and awaited the results. So the Aussies won everything, yes the whole lot including the near pins. From next week we will have 2 Flights, Aussies and the rest!!. So the winner was Max Scott with 38 points ahead of Bob Watson with 36 points. In third was A.V.D. with 35 points and in fourth was David Nicholson with 34 points. The only bright spot was that we are to lose an Aussie, however AVD did buy the beers all night as he is going back to Aussie Land. He can come back any time. Ever noticed how Bob likes to hold peoples hands? T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Bob Watson (2) Max Scott (2)

2013-05-08 17-50-24 - IMG_0777

2013-05-08 18-28-08 - IMG_0779
AVD Says thanks for the memory.

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