Tropical Bert’s 03/10

 Friday October 03, Treasure Hill – ST

Maurice gets the Treasure

A rainy Thursday night made for a nervous Tropical Bert’s golf group Friday morning. Even though the sky was clear in the morning, the forecast was for more rain that afternoon, right in the middle of the golf day. Well, nothing to do but get out there and hope for the best. Treasure Hill was waiting.

During the round at Treasure Hill, perhaps many golfers were hoping for some rain to provide an excuse for the scores this day, yet despite some rumbling off in the distance the weather remained clear.   Treasure Hill is currently in excellent condition, but it is a challenging layout. Group after group returned to admit that on this day the course won. So how would it end?

Tropical Bert’s has no shortage of talent, but some days things get tough and its a rare event when no one comes close to hitting their handicap. The best of the lot was Maurice Roberts (11) with 33 points. Well done Maurice! Bob Watson (4) lost to Maurice on countback with his 33 points. Mark West (13) claimed third place with 31 points, and Tom Herrington (17) even got into the money by taking fourth place with a measly 29 points. Despite the scores no one complained about the course, and the upcoming PSC monthly to be held there couldn’t be at a better place.

Near pins: Bob Watson, Dick Warberg, Tom Herrington


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