Tropical Bert’s 01/10 & 04/10

Tuesday, October 01, Khao Kheow – ST
American humorist Will Rogers quipped “Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it”, and as several regulars and some new friends met at Tropical Bert’s Tuesday morning for the “Golfer’s Special” breakfast and complimentary coffee, the main topic on everyone’s lips was the weather. Quite heavy rains the previous two days had everyone worried about course condition and our own well being. The next topic was, “Will the Barry’s win again?”, having taken identical first and second place the previous two outings. Read on for all the answers.
Golf at tough but interesting Khao Kheow that day showed ominous clouds all around, but our day was to remain dry yet cloudy enough to keep the worst of the heat away. Parts of the course were soggy but playable, and no standing water to speak of. Playing B & C links from the slightly forward yellow tees compensated for lack of roll the soft ground would provide. Everything was perfect!
Back at Bert’s many enjoyed the “Golfer’s Special” dinner while waiting for the results. We had enough players for two flights, and the winners were…
In “A” Flight (0-17) Max Scott playing off a handicap of 4 earned 40 points, for a round of even par on a tough course. Well played Max! Landis Brooks was a distant second with 32 points, and Bob Watson took third with 30 points.
The “B” Flight had an exciting finish and colorful Walter Baechli grabbed first place with 36 points. The now familiar Barry Oates who won the previous two outings finished just back in second place with 35 points, and Don Carmody took third with 33.
Near pin prizes were collected by Max Scott(2), Mashi Kaneta, Bob Watson.
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Friday, October 04, Wangjuntr Highlands – ST

Mashi Masters Wangjuntr and Competition
The group met a little earlier than usual for the “golfer’s special” breakfast at Tropical Bert’s on Friday for the trek out to Wangjuntr. Everyone gathered into two vans, and good companionship and anticipation of the course made the 1.5 hr drive go reasonably quick. For many it was their first visit to Wangjuntr, and they were in for a real treat playing the Highlands-Right Greens layout! Does any other course have so many signature holes? For anyone who has never been to this most interesting of courses it is well worth the visit.
Conditions this day would best be described as “soggy”. There were some squishy areas, but mostly the ground was firm enough to get around with dry feet. Lift and clean was necessary, however several balls were lost in fairways due to burrowing as deep as the gopher in Caddyshack. The good news was it stayed dry other than the required 15 minutes of light rain.
A tough course with tough conditions tested everyone sorely. Everyone except Mashi Kaneta. While mortals were struggling with damp ground and a difficult layout, Mashi breezed along merrily with approach shots to single digits and a magic putter that cared not for water or slope. When it was all over Mashi had mashed the group with 39 points and an amazing seven points to spare. Well played Mashi, and thanks for the golf lesson! Playing excellent but human golf, Les Cobban took second place with 32 points, and Wayne Waywood finished third on countback with 30 points.
Near pins: Barry Elphick, Mashi Kaneta, Guilan Liu, Mikito Homma. Visit for more information.

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