Tropical Bert’s 01/04 & 04/04

Tuesday The 1st April 2014 :  Khao Kheow ( Stableford)   The first Tuesday of every month is at Khao Kheow. The question is why? and the answer is because this Course is one of the best around and does not make you feel anything but welcome as you play there. This is also a really difficult test of Golf so when you finish your round you know that  if you played well you deserve your score.

So onto the Course and the test for the day was the C & A  Nines in that order, and seeing as how the players had ‘Done Good’ in the last couple of Tuesdays I thought we would paly off the Yellow tees. This is a real test of Golf and I really cannot understand how this 18 holes is considered easier than 18 holes on many Courses we play.

The C Nine was, I believe, an add on after the original A & B Nines were finished and to my mind it is a little lesser than the other two, it does not feel quite as polished somehow, but that is not to say it is any easier. In fact for me this is the hardest of the three nines. And I started with two none returns just to prove it. With the wind quite strong the day turned out quite difficult.

After the C Nine the A Nine, stroke index wise, is classed as even more difficult but it has a certain class. After a gentle start it turns quite difficult and the first par 3 is a real monster when the wind is against you, and as is usual two from our four ball went in the water and one in the bunker. Still Mashi got on the green. Talking of the greens they were quite good on this day, if a little difficult.

Round over, and I have to say this was one of the hottest days I can remember for some time, it was into the welcome shower and up to the restaurant. The restaurant has a fine view and it is a pleasure to sit in it and relax after such a hot day. However it was soon time to return to Pattaya.

Back at Bert’s a little early it was time for a couple of cold ones before the results.  As planned the results were more like we expect from a tough day at Khao Kheow. In the A Flight, 0 to 17, The Winner was Mark West with 35 points on countback over Brian Parish in second. In third place was Maurice Roberts with 34 points. In the B Flight, 18 up, the winner was Jim Ferris with 35 points ahead of a countback on 34 points that saw Tom Herrington in second and George King in third. So a great day ended with a few more ‘Cold Un’s’.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    John Hackett   Max Scott   Dick Warberg   AVD

Long Put    Walter Baechli   Derek Brook


Friday The 4 April 2014: Wangjuntr ( Stableford)  This being a long drive to get there, we had a few less than normal turning out, but with the decision to play The Valley Course we still had enough to turn out a reasonable number. We have just reached the time of year when the Low Season starts and the sports days have started to come in. So the regulars who play with us, year in and year out, will still be there week in and week out playing at Low Season Rates. It is an ill wind etc.

So the group turned up at Wangjuntr to play the Valley 18 holes, this after we played the Highland 18 holes last time and, frankly were not very impressed with it. ‘Spectacular’ but overly so. So we went to play this 18 holes that we have played a few times before and remembered as being an enjoyable Course. However we also remember that the last time we played it poured down and the place was swamped. We hoped for better on this day.

Getting to the start here is quite easy, and we saved time not travelling to the Highlands start, so we were soon off. As said the last time we played here the skies opened and we were swamped out and the shies looked as if we were due some rain on this day/. So it was with some apprehension we got away.

Now the good news, there was not one player who did not say this Course was not in really excellent condition and all had a very enjoyable round.   So a really super Course on the day and well enjoyed by all. The one hiccup was that the greens have two pins on each green and on the back nine there was some problem which to play, very minor as the greens were really good.

Of course it was going to rain and it did, however it rained for only a short time and after 40 minutes or so we were able to complete the round.  Not only that but the Course drained fast and did not unduly affect play. This is a fine Course and well worth a visit. So round over it was into transport and back to Bert’s.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time to give the results but not before we all realized that Doug Maiko had a hole in one. We all said well done to Doug. The run away winner on the day was Mike O’Brien with 43 points leaving the rest in the dust. In second was Andre Van Dyk, off his new ‘Golfers’ handicap after playing so well of late. With 36 points he won on countback over Dave Edwards in third. We then had a countback on 35 points that saw Andy Purdie in fourth and Jim Ferris in fifth.

Now believe it or not, Doug Maiko then bought the golfers a drink. Now there is another first, more surprising than a Hole in One.  Well done and thanks Doug.    T.T.F.N.

Near Pin     Mike O’Brien   Mark West   AVD   Doug Maiko ( Hole in One)


First and Second with ‘Hole in One Man’  Doug Maiko.

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