Tropical Bert 05/08

Tuesday the 5th August 2014:  Khao Kheow ( Stableford) It seems weird to me but there are people out there who say they do not like playing this Course. Quite often a couple of our regulars miss the day and I find myself amazed that people who like to play golf can be so mislead to believe they do not like it.


Well after a lot of thought I believe it comes down to one of a couple of things. Cost, or an inability to play the Course.  This is a tough Course where every shot you play counts, play a bad shot and the Course will punish you, there are no freebie bad shots on this Course. So you are aware that you play well or will be punished. Some players like to score well every time they play, so no Khao Kheow. And Cost, well it can be a little more than some of the lesser Courses.


However on this day we had a full turnout with Golfers who wanted to be tested. With a full group at Bert’s it was into transport and away we went. A good drive down there saw us booked in and on the first tee a little early, and then with the test set for the day as the B & C Nines away we went.


The course was a little damp and carts were not allowed on the fairways, but what do I care as this day I hit very few. However it was soon obvious that the ball was not going to roll very far and was going to pick up mud.With a strong wind also some of the longer holes were going to be a problem, so Khao Kheow on this day really showed it’s fangs.


However the fairways were well grassed and the greens were in good condition.  Still with a fairly empty Course we moved along very well and were soon windblown and back in the changing room.  Of Course a shower went down well and then it was time for a bite in the Restaurant and then back to Bert’s.


So far this had been a fine day, but as we got half way back on the Route 7, a look to the right saw the sky blacker than a coal pit. We tried to race it as it came closer, then as we neared Pattaya the wind rose and really blasted the cars and the rain started to fall.


Arriving at Bert’s it was of course raining, however most of the players made it. Soon it was time for the results as the ‘Captive’ players decided to partake of a beer or two.  The winner in the A Flight, 0 to 17, was Steve Hamstad with 34 points ahead of Alan Sullivan in second with 33 and David Hutchinson in third with 32 points. In the B Flight the winner was Barry Elphick with 33 points ahead of Daryl Evans in second 32 points and in a countback on 31 points Brad Robins was third ahead of George Bailey. Then we waited for the rain to stop and made Bert smile.   T.T.F.N.


Near Pin    Tom Herrington   Don Carmody   David Hutchinson   Alan Sullivan



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