The Growling Swan 8/10

They were referred to as The 3 Amigos, The 3 Musketeer’s but were better known to most of us as The 3 Stooges!
As it happened!

Two buses loaded with enthusiastic golfers departed The Swan for the trip up the highway to Greenwood Golf Club. Bus chatter was about the weather and the condition of the course, given the rain we had had. Fifty min later our questions were answered, “No Carts on Course” speaking to the course marshal he changed the ruling to No Carts On Fairways. That made things a lot better.
We played courses A & C and with no run on the fairways we played from the front tees. The course was in good condition considering the rain, with the greens also playing true. Weather was on our side with no sign of rain, it became quite warm as the day went on.
Two of the 3 Amigo’s ended up on the podium with Rob Cross collecting the chocolates from new comer John Strom coming in second and Rocky Lawson third on the day.
Results for Greenwood
1st Rob Cross (28) 38 points.
2nd John Strom (13) 36 points.
3rd Rocky Lawson (20) 34 points.
A2 Snowy on the trams.
A6 Graham Rice.
C3 Snowy on the trams.
C6 Peter McDonald (the 3rd Amigo)
Long First Putt.
A9 Martin Todd.
C9 Peter Grey.
Back at The Growling Swan we welcomed John Strom and said goodbye to The 3 Musketeer’s Peter McDonald, Rocky Lawson and Rob Cross. We also said goodbye to Martin Todd, and we hope to see you all again real soon. They had not left the country but were already working out return dates and playing partners, they are a good crew who will be missed. Good luck Peter Mc sharing the same postcode as Rocky!
In the photo from L to R; John Strom, Rocky Lawson, todays winner Rob Cross & Peter McDonald.
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