The Growling Swan 25/09

Thursday, 25th September – Greenwood, B & C  – Stroke – Monthly Mug

Fletch Wins His First Mug In The Rain!

The sky was overcast but at least it was fine as we all made our way to The Growling Swan in readiness for our departure to the Greenwood Golf Course where we were all playing for the 27th Monthly Mug. After a late withdrawal due to sickness and a couple of regulars opting not to play we were left with an excellent field of 31 true golfers who were ready to accept the challenge of a round of stroke. We handed out welcomes to Stuart Mann from Canberra, David Fletcher on R & R from Western Australia, Greg Bates & Neil King from Brisbane, Sal Brizzi returning after a few months in Melbourne & Brendan Devlin from Ireland. It was time to say farewell to Chris Stewart, Steve Jones, Leeroy Bloomfield & John Coombs who will shortly be returning to Western Australia and our good friend and Growling Swan stalwart Geri Crilly who is off back to Sydney for a month or so. It started to drizzle as we awaited our departure time but that didn’t last long and with the help of John Pierrel, Alain Taddei & J J Harney with their cars we were able to use just 2 mini vans and we left the GS just 3 minutes later than our scheduled 8.30 am departure time. Highway 331 was as busy as ever with the usual hold ups at the main traffic lights which resulted in a 51 minute drive and when we arrived at the course there was hardly anyone there. C & B were the allocated nines in that sequence so we headed off to C1 and our first group, a three ball got away a couple of minutes after our booked 10.00 am tee time. The weather was still fine but very humid and it was inevitable that we would sooner or later get wet and sure enough the rain came as we were on the C6 green. We putted out and then sheltered in the adjacent drink hut for about twenty five minutes as it rained heavily and C6 green flooded but then it stopped and as usual the greens rapidly drained and although the fairways were very wet we continued our round without any more interruptions. Apart from the wet conditions the course was in very good shape with the greens extremely good and receptive. We concluded our round in about four hours & forty five minutes which included the break for rain and the company had been terrific.

In addition to the Monthly Mug award we were able to have 2 Divisions with A Division being for handicaps 0 to 14 & B Division for handicaps of 15 and over with 5 prizes in each division. There were also rewards for nearest the pins all the par threes and longest first putts on the B9 & C9 greens.

David “Fletch” Fletcher certainly enjoyed playing in the rain as he won the Monthly Mug with the only net sub par round of the day, a net 71 – His first Mug. Visitors figured prominently on the podium as Neil King won Division A with a net 73, one stroke better than Chris Stewart with net 74. With 2 golfers on net 75 a count back was required which resulted in Graham “Ricey” Rice (net 38 back nine) finishing third from your writer Peter “Blacky” Blackburn (net 45 back nine) in fourth spot. Another count back was needed to determine fifth place with 2 players on net 76 and it was Bill “Buffalo” Steinman (net 37 back nine) who got “the chocolates” from John Pierrel (net 44 back nine). In Division B it was Alain “Inspector Clouseau” Taddei who was declared the winner with net 73 and in second place was Lindsay Slender with net 76. Two players on net 78 meant another count back which saw Gary Monley (net 42 back nine & net 29 on the last 6 holes) finish third from Steve Jones (net 42 back nine & net 31 on the last 6 holes) who finished fourth. Roy “Plums” Dayton finished in fifth place with a score of net 79.

Results for Greenwood:

Monthly Mug Winner – David Fletcher (35) – net 71

A Division – 0 to 14

1st –    Neil King (6) – net 73

2nd – Chris Stewart (3) – net 74

3rd – Graham Rice (12) – net 75

4th – Peter Blackburn (13) – net 75

5th – Bill Steinman (10) – net 76

B Division – 15 & over

1st –  Alain Taddei (15) – net 73

2nd – Lindsay Slender (25) – net 76

3rd – Gary Monley (32) – net 78

4th – Steve Jones (22) – net 78

5th – Roy Dayton (25) – net 79



B2 – Neil King

B5 – Brad Todd

C3 – Bill Steinman

C6 – Neil King


B9 – Bill Steinman

C9 – Greg Bates

The Growling Swan NAGA Award, (awarded to the golfer who has the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) was won by Gordon Clegg and although he was not in attendance at presentations he is credited with being awarded the NAGA cap. As usual presentations were back at the bar on this occasion and we all thanked Mine Host Peter Grey for sponsoring the Mug and also providing a delicious pasta supper. Geri then walked around with Deefa the Dog and collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our generous Growling Swan Golfers and it must be mentioned that J J Harney who took a couple of passengers for us refused to take any money for the rides and requested that the money be put in Deefa – Thanks very much John, much appreciated. The beers were as usual low priced, Aussie cold & plentiful as many of us stayed behind for quite some time discussing the events of the day and once more thankful for another very successful day with many more to come.

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