The Growling Swan 22/10

LAEM CHABANG GC – 22nd October, 2015
Steinman, Bass and Stapo go Chabang!
With 36 starters, warm welcomes were extended to Olga Giudice, Brian King, Scott Baumgarten, Brendan Moylan, Neil Herd, Mike Quill, Peter Bass, Glenn Henrikson, Fred Starbeck, Theiry, Theiry, Gerrard, Harry Wzola, Nigel Perry, The Viper and an unusually sombre Graham Rice turned up for his weekly fix. It seems that Graham’s pride and joy rhubarb plants were washed away in the recent floods.
The dangling carrot for the big field was Laem Chabang. It seems that with the current quiet season, some discounts bantied around, but in this case, the offer was of disappointment. A rate of 2,300 THB at Laem Chabang is regarded by some as value and were keen to enjoy the offer.
The snip was made on the eve of play when a representative of LC advised that all 54 greens were rough cut, cored and sanded (too rough to play) and no further discounts were offered. It was too late to change to another venue and we wanted to play golf! The biggest disappointment was the arrogance of the golf club management and many of us won’t be scurrying back.
Blue skies initially greeted us, but the blue soon turned to a very watery grey, but after an hour of tipples, we resumed play in perfect, cool conditions.
With recent heavy rains the fairways provided zero run, however the course played rather benignly as some scores indicated. Bill Steinman, Peter Bass and Mark Stapleton excelled. Mike Quill went awfully close to having an ace and Dave Fletcher was delighted with his podium finish.
Div A (0-14)
1st Bill Steinman (11) 41pts (c/b)
2nd Peter Bass (12) 41pts
3rd Graham Rice (13) 38pts (c/b)
4th Kevin Waycott (8) 38pts
Div B (15-23)
1st Mark Stapleton (17) 40pts
2nd Stuart Rifkin (17) 36 pts
3rd Keith Buchanan (16) 35pts
4th Steve Younger 18) 34pts

Div C (24 +)
1st Ernie Picken (24) 33pts
2nd Dave Fletcher (26) 29pts
3rd Henry Wzola (36) 28pts
4th Lindsay Slender (24) 27pts
A2 Kevin Waycott
A7 Mike Quill
B5 Bill Steinman
B8 Fred Starbeck
Long Putt:
9 Stuart Rifkin
18 Mike Gosden
Post mortems back at ‘the Swan’ were rather somber when a sobbing Jerry Dobbs was farewelled by Peter Grey, travel safe Dobbsy and come back soon. The camaraderie improved markedly when our host provided curried chicken for the troops. We should not forget that Mashi (who cleaned up with us on Monday) contributed the evening meal. Thanks Peter and Mashi! The only thing missing was Khun Noi’s delicious home-made spring rolls.


Russell Calcutt paraded D-For (the donation dog) for his collection round and the players are thanked for their continued generosity. The donations go to the needy children of Pattaya.
For some serious golf with a dash of fun, the Growling Swan welcomes golfers of all persuasions. We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 0861 503086.

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