The Growling Swan 21/07

Monday, 21st July – Plutaluang, East & South – Stableford

JP & Lindsay Get The “Medals” At Navy!

Plutaluang was the venue for the first event of this particular week and many of us had not played there for quite a while so we were looking forward to the visit. After a late withdrawal the night before we were left with a field of 19 which is still pretty good for the “low season”. We assembled at The Growling Swan and welcomed Keith “Kissy” Buchanan who was back having a game with us and as all were on time, even Patrick we departed the GS 5 minutes early at 8.25 am. We headed South down Sukhumvit and the traffic moved quite freely and after a good run we arrived at the Navy course 44 minutes later. We checked in and at 500 baht Green Fee this was terrific value and after our preparation I checked with the Starter and was informed that East & South nines were our designated nines for the day so off we went to the tee on East 1. With no-one ahead of us our first group, a three ball hit off ten minutes ahead of schedule at 9.50 am and although the three of us were walking we maintained a fairly steady pace. The weather was fine with intermittent sun but it was extremely humid and the course was in good shape with many of the greens being quite quicker than I had remembered on these 2 nines although several of them had sandy patches on them. We breezed round the front in just over 2 hours but when we arrived at the tee on South 1 there was a five ball just hitting off. After waiting about 15 minutes we played our tee shots and as we walked up the fairway a Course Marshall drove up and said something to our caddies & then shot ahead and spoke to the group in front. Shortly after that the five ball disappeared and we suspect that they had started on the wrong tee and had gone back to the correct one. The “road” was now clear so we continued on and despite the very humid conditions managed to complete the full round in four hours & twenty minutes. The golf course had been very good and excellent value with the company also of a high standard.

We had 2 Divisions – Division A for handicaps 0 to 16 and Division B for golfers on handicaps of 17 and over with three places in each Division. There were also rewards for nearest the pin on two of the par threes and longest first putts on the E9 & S9 greens.

Several golfers took a liking to the course on the day and none more so than John Pierrel who won the A Division with a terrific 42 points. John was one of my playing partners and played some excellent golf shooting a 77 gross. In second place came the 3 handicapper Mike Allidi who shot a gross 73 for his 38 points and Mike “Hunter” Gosden came third with 37 points. Commiserations went to Bob Akapita who scored 36 points but he did win a golf ball for playing to his handicap or better & not finishing on the podium. Lindsay Slender has been spotted frequently headed up third road with his golf bag over his shoulder and obviously has benefitted from the practice as he score 40 points and won the B Division. In second place came Patrick Poussier with a fine 39 points and Bent Agerbo was third with 32 points.

Results for Plutaluang:

Division A – 0 to 16
1st – John Pierrel (11) – 42 points
2nd – Mike Allidi (3) – 38 points
3rd – Mike Gosden (13) – 37 points

Division B – 17 & over
1st – Lindsay Slender (26) – 40 points
2nd – Patrick Poussier (22) – 39 points
3rd – Bent Agerbo (20) – 32 points

E5 – Mike Gosden
S4 – Keith Buchanan

E9 – John Pierrel
S9 – Geri Crilly

The Growling Swan NAGA Award, (awarded to the golfer who has the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) was won by Seesa Phompinmon and she accepted the award like the good sport that she is. I then paraded Deefa the Dog and of course collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our generous Growling Swan Golfers. It was then back to the bar for several Aussie cold, low priced beers and although not a big crowd it was a fun one as the discussions turned from golf to Formula one and of course AFL. Another good day out with The Growling Swan with many more to come.

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