The Growling Swan 09/12

In a week when His Majesty the King and Lindsay Slender shared birthdays, another fine field of 35 headed to Greenwwood, where we were greeted with a pleasant surprise. This fine course has followed the lead of Treasure Hill and reduced the rates. (green fee, caddy and cart = 1,150 Thb) Well done, Greenwood!
Warm welcomes were granted to Paul Hack, Mike Cattillon and Bernie McCart. On the way, all things frivolous were discussed until Kissy Buchanan enlightened us when he mentioned that he asked a bank teller “What guarantees may a Thai bank require”? The reply, “If buying a house we insist you are well endowed”.
We played A & C nines, yellow tees, with count-backs required on C. The greens were true and the many deep fairway bunkers continue to make this course pleasurable, though very challenging.
Geri Crilly, Frank Riley and birthday boy Lindsay swooped their way around the course with gay abandon however It was Max Bracegirdle who was all smiles and turned around his recent bad form. Ebrahim and the endowed Kissy were the only others to break their handicaps.
A Grade 0-17
1st Ebrahim (17) 39 pts
2nd Sal Brizzi (5) 35 pts
3rd Stuart Rifkin (16) 34 pts
B Grade 18-22
1st Keith Buchanan (18) 38 pts
2nd Frank Riley (19) 36 pts c/b
3rd Roy Dayton (22) 36 pts

C Grade 23+
1st Max Bracegirdle (26) 42 pts
2nd Patrick Poussier (26) 35 pts
3rd Fritz Webber (24) 34 pts c/b
A3 Max Bracegirdle
A6 Cat
C3 Harry Houdini
C6 Piere Cere
Longest 1st Putt:
A9 Leo Slager
C9 Patrick Poussier

D-for gratefully received change from the players and they are thanked for their continued contributions. All ‘D-For’ donations go to the PSC to be directed to projects to assist the needy children of Pattaya.
Back at ‘The Swan’, Ricey, Max, JJ and Fred were bid a fond farewell and indeed, to all those who are heading back to their families for the Festive Season we wish a Bon Voyage! As per usual a good pot of tucker was provided by The Growling Swan.

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