The Growling Swan 06/01

Monday, 6th January – Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Gerd, Buckers & Nolan Triumph At The Mountain!

It was another sunny Monday morning in Pattaya although the smog was still hanging around but we had yet another excellent field with 34 golfers signed up and ready to take on the challenging Mountain Shadow Golf Course. We assembled at The Growling swan in readiness for our 8.30 am departure and there were many welcomes to be handed out including Mark Kobrin from London, Stephen Newton back for a couple of weeks R & R, Brinco Ivanovic from Brisbane, Eric Black from Geelong, Victoria, Stuart Mann from Canberra, Josef Buchberger from Austria, Karl Lang formerly from Germany but now residing in Pattaya and Graham Buckingham, Rita Zoebelli and Hugh O’Donnell. As all were on time we departed in three mini vans right on schedule and made our way through the Monday morning traffic and on to number 7 without much delay and arrived at the course after a 46 minute drive. It was busy and a tee off earlier than our booked 10.32 am time was doubtful but we managed to get our first four ball away at 10.15 am, but watching the groups tee off in front of us I suspected that it was going to be a slow day and unfortunately I was correct. We were held up on nearly every shot throughout the round but gritted our teeth and tried not to get upset although I did “chat” the groups ahead a couple of times but was wasting my breath. The groups in front of us were not Asian and English was not their preferred language. I guess we have been spoiled when playing golf in the Pattaya area, even during the current high season but this day turned out to be a shocker with the round taking five minutes short of five hours. Let’s hope this was a “one off” and we get back to normal soon and perhaps the members of the groups that were holding us up should consider another sport. Nonetheless the weather was perfect, the company was great and the golf course was in terrific shape with the greens very quick at times.

We had 3 Divisions – Division A for handicaps 0 to 15, Division B for golfers on handicaps of 16 to 25 and Division C for handicaps of 26 and over with four places in each Division. There were also rewards for nearest the pin on the four par 3’s and longest first putts on the 9th & 18th greens.

The winner in Division A was Gerd Riedler with 38 points followed by Mark “Westy” West on 37 points and Steve Truelove was third with 36 points. A count back was required to determine fourth place as there were two on 34 points and it was Mike “Hunter” Gosden (18 point back nine) who prevailed over Frankie “Goes to Hollywood” Sharratt (17 point back nine). In B Division it was Graham “Grunter” Buckingham who was the winner with 40 points, the best score of the day and Eric “Judge” Black came runner up with 37 points. In another count back with two on 36 points it was Jayson Schembri (19 point back nine) who finished third and Alan “Colonel” Sanders (16 point back nine) was fourth. Nolan “No-one” Wise was victorious in Division C with 35 points, one point ahead of Geri Crilly in second spot and Stephen Newton finished third with 33 points. Veteran Hugh O’Donnell had 32 points and came fourth.

Results for Mountain Shadow:

Division A – 0 to 15
1st – Gerd Riedler (9) – 38 points
2nd –Mark West (15) – 37points
3rd – Steve Truelove (8) – 36 points
4th – Mike Gosden (13) – 34 points

Division B – 16 to 25
1st – Graham Buckingham (25) – 40 points
2nd – Eric Black (16) – 37 points
3rd – Jayson Schembri (18) – 36 points
4th – Alan Sanders (25) – 36 points

Division C – 26 and over
1st – Nolan Wise (36) – 35 points
2nd – Geri Crilly (26) – 34 points
3rd – Stephen Newton (27) – 33 points
4th – Hugh O’Donnell (32) – 32 points

5th – Gerd Riedler
8th – Mike Gosden
15th – Karl Lang
17th – Stu Rifkin

9th – Graham Buckingham
18th – Stephen Newton

The Growling Swan NAGA Award, (awarded to the golfer who has the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) was won by Volker Buley who accepted the award like the good sport that he is. Max then kindly paraded Deefa the Dog and of course collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our generous Growling Swan Golfers. Back at The Growling Swan afterwards it was time to get stuck into several Aussie cold, low priced beers whilst going through the day’s events and although it had been a very slow day it had been enjoyed by all.

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