The Growling Swan 04/12

Thursday, 4th December – Plutaluang, West & North – Four Person Scramble

Four Person Scramble With A Random Draw Is A Big Hit!

As it was the King’s Birthday – Father’s Day Public Holiday on the Thursday we decide to play on Wednesday instead and for something different we decided to have a Four Person Scramble with a random draw. The idea turned out to be an outstanding success as we had 36 players wanting to play and also a list of emergencies. The venue was to be Plutaluang and we gathered at The Growling Swan in readiness for the journey to the course and on this occasion it was necessary to have four mini vans to transport us. Unfortunately we had 1 player who decided not to play at the last minute and it was too late to call on a reserve so we were left with a field of 35 which meant 8 groups of four and one group of three. We welcomed back the colorful Bjarne Kjaer after injury and time spent in his homeland and also Connections Bar Mine Host Alan Ewing who was returning after several months “in the wilderness”. Everyone was on time so we left the GS 5 minutes ahead of schedule at 8.25 am and headed South down No. 3 and had a very good run, arriving at the course 42 minutes later. We had plenty of time as our designated tee time was 10.40 am and we were informed that we would be playing the West & North nines in that order so it was time to do the random draw. Names were pulled out of a hat (with plenty of witnesses) to determine the groups & playing order and we then proceeded to the West 1 tee where there were a couple of groups waiting to tee off before we could get the first of our nine groups away. Nonethless we were able to send Group 1 away 30 minutes ahead of schedule at 10.10 am and the scene was set for a very enjoyable day. The weather was fabulous with a nice cooling breeze and the golf course was in excellent shape with the greens very well maintained and much quicker than the ones on East & South nines traditionally are. We were initially held up by slower groups in front but they soon got away from us and our pace quickened somewhat. It was a lot of fun and our group found birdies very hard to get but it was extremely enjoyable and we finished our round in the very good time of three hours & fifty five minutes.

We were rewarding first, second and third places and there were also rewards for nearest the pin on the four par 3’s and longest first putts on the West 9 & North 9 greens.

The winning team was Alan Sanders, Gary Monley, Duangjai Tusagad & Takeshi Hakozaki with a net score of 61.6 and in second place was the team of Roy Dayton, Andrew Allen, Ed Stuart & Patrick Poussier with a net 62.8. In third place was the team of Peter Grey, Kevin Waycott, Scott Leszcynski & Frank Sharratt who had a net 63.1.

Results for Plutaluang:

1st – Alan Sanders, Gary Monley, Duangjai Tusagad & Takeshi Hakozaki (Handicap 8.4) – net 61.6
2nd – Roy Dayton, Andrew Allen, Ed Stuart, Patrick Poussier (Handicap 10.2) – net 62.8
3rd – Peter Grey, Kevin Waycott, Scott Leszcynski & Frank Sharratt (Handicap 7.9) – net 63.1

W3 – Roy Dayton
W8 – Kevin Waycott
N3 – Mark Stapleton
N6 – Frank Sharratt

W9 – Paul Hack
N9 – Frank Sharratt

There was no NAGA award on this day because of the team format but Max kindly paraded Deefa the Dog who collected many donations for charity from our very generous Growling Swan golfers. It was then back to the bar where a very good crowd had assembled and over many Aussie cold, low priced beers the day’s events were discussed. It was unanimous – the day had been a resounding success and enjoyed by all with a promise to have a “something different” competition once a month from now on. Another great day with Growling Swan Golf and many more to come.

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