The Golf Club we 03/10

Wood makes his Mark, and Kris K. has his way!

Monday 29th – Rayong Green Valley – Monthly Medal – White tees.

1st – Mark Wood (8)

2nd – Yui Bietry (8)

3rd – Jack Grindvold (3)


Yui & Mark après golf back at TGC.


A fairly strong showing this morning for our Monthly Medal as the field of 22 golfers was a respectable turnout for the waning slow season. More and more Australian golfers are finding their way to The Golf Club and these lads know how to have fun on and off the course. They are a great addition to our existing Looney Tunes gang!


It was a fairly pleasant (I almost said cool) and overcast day to set the tone for the days’ Medal play event. I emphasize Medal play as we had 2 cards turned in with Stableford points tallied up in the boxes, which means “You are D.Q.” in golfspeak. I also had to track down a scorecard with no name on it. It really is helpful to get your scores turned in to the PSC if we know whose card it is. C’mon you knuckleheads!


Today was the last round for Mark Wood for 28 days as he heads off back to the rigs. Way back in November 2010 Mark made his mark, so to speak, by winning our Monthly medal comp then. Lo and behold, nearly 4 years later, Woody strikes again, inspired by the great European Team win at the Ryder Cup no doubt! Your Antigua Desert Dry shirt shall have 2 stars sir!


Not far behind at all was mes amis Yui Bietry, who is now probably playing the best golf she has ever played. The man from Swimpex, Mr. Jack Grindvold rounded out the podium for another great Monthly Medal event.


Wednesday 1st – Laem Chabang A & B – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Kris Kritsanajootha (8) 38 points

2nd – Yui Bietry (15) 35 points

2nd – Patrick Alilovich (9) 35 points

4th – Thierry Temime (22) 33 points


The sign-up sheet filled up quickly for this outing as there are just 2 weeks left of the summer special of a 2,050 baht rate that gets you green fee, caddy and buggy. This is the best deal ever for Laem Chabang so sign up with us on the 15th as we return for the last day of this great offer.


This is such a great test of golf and one of the best Nicklaus designs in all of Asia. In a few weeks we will see the opening of the new clubhouse facilities that will make this experience even better. Today we challenged the A & B nine’s for a competition that saw us stuff 4 tee times with 19 golfers.


Only one of those 19 found a way to shoot better than his handicap, so victory today went to the one and only Kris K. It must be tough to have a surname that is never spelled the same way twice, but that’s why he’s known as Kris K! Yui Bietry once again had a great round of golf for second place on the day.


The weather ended up dry but a bit muggy but that did not matter at all as those mandatory buggies gave a much needed, cooling relief between shots. We went ‘round right at the 4 hour mark so all was good in that department. They do run things really well here!


Friday 3rd – Bangpra – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Kris Kritsanajootha (8) 33 points

2nd – Ken Barton (26) 28 points

3rd – Andy Piazza (24) 26 points



Another beautiful vista at Bangpra.


Bangpra (the monkey course) is one of the prettiest golf courses we are lucky enough to have in the Pattaya area. Every hole is different and the diversity of wildlife here makes for a unique day of golf in the jungle. The 7 foot long Monitor lizards always get my attention as these amazing throwbacks to the dinosaurs are a wonder of Bangpra. Stunning species of birds and those unique tribes of simians complete this special experience we often take for granted.


It was hot and muggy on the front 9 today as even our fantastic TGC golf shirts could not keep things dry fast enough. At the turn, the wind picked up a bit and things cooled off slightly while massive cumulus clouds built up in the distance. Our group was first out and finished with no rain but the last 2 groups that came in right at the 2:00 mark were doused up the 18th fairway. Never mind Andy, those nice warm showers were just moments away.


…and this guy was the small one.


Kris K. paved the way one more time as his campaign took no prisoners. Mr. Kritsanajootha (I think that’s right?) took the win for the second time this week. Good shooting buddy!


It was also good to welcome back John Emmerson, Keith Worboys and Kevin Moraghan from

their Ultimate Ireland Golf Trip. The boyz played Lahinch, Ballybunion and 4 more of Ireland’s finest golf courses on the trip of a lifetime. We were following The Irish Times and saw no incidents with visiting Americans, and can only assume the trip was a great success.


Thanks also to John Hutt for helping out with the golf while Phil is off to Australia for a bit of a break before the madness of high season. We survived another one mate!


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