The Golf Club 01- 05/01

Hanna sinks the Navy!

Monday 1st – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
T – 1st – Julian Valvo (2) 37 points
T – 1st Kevin Hamilton (16) 37 points
T -3rd – Sakai Yasuo (10) 36 points
T -3rd – Jeff Acheson (10) 36 points
4th – Paul Walsh (15) 35 points

Apologies for the modest reports this week as the Mulberry Ryder Cup consumed much of the time for reporting. Green Valley is keeping in great shape and the numbers were strong for another full sign up sheet.

The tourists equaled the locals today as we saw Julian and Kevin vie for the tie at 37 points. We also welcomed back Paul Walsh for another session of Pattaya time and he starts off this trip with a decent 35 on the card to squeak onto the podium.

Wednesday 3rd – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Corey Cusatis (23) 39 points
2nd – Peter Thomas (17) 38 points
3rd – Jeff Acheson (10) 35 points
T -4th – Blake Hanna (19) 33 points
T -4th – Julian Valvo (2) 33 points
T -4th – Higuchi (18) 33 points

Good course, good comp were the reports from the lads returning from today’s adventure. This was Cap’t. Phil’s last outing before he heads off down under for a few weeks break. A well deserved break it will be as the last 2 months have been chock-a-block on most days and the so called herding of cats takes its toll. We have not seen Mr. Smedley’s name on the podium for many weeks now so this hiatus should give the old boy time to recuperate and recharge the batteries. Have fun down there mate!

Lots of the tourists on that leaderboard up there, and it seems only Peter Thomas and recent inductee Blake Hanna were the performers. Get used to seeing Dave Ferris at the helm as he will be running the show whilst Phil is on holidays.
Friday 5th – Plutaluang Navy – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Blake Hanna (19) 38 points
2nd – Don McMillan (10) 35 points
3rd – Ian Grant (14) 33 points

You never really know what to expect when you book out here, but this time it all went swimmingly as no six-ball group of admirals and generals cut in front of us today. Comments in the van were all positive, it is a lovely track that has maintenance issues so if you can deal with that you will have a nice day of golf here. It is cheap as chips compared to the other courses and hard to beat as a value for money venue.

The design of the course was by a military committee, and on this occasion they did a pretty darn good job of winding the course through the foothills of Rayong to produce a most pleasant layout of four 9-hole tracks. This is the best time of year to play out here as Navy will never be in better shape.

Blake Hanna certainly seemed to like it here as he topped the field to turn in his best card of the trip so far! Blake will be with us for another couple of months so you had better get used to seeing his name up on the podium as I think there will be more victories to come.

Thanks to all who joined us this week at The Home of Golf in Pattaya, The Golf Club.

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