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Rothwell rules in Khao Yai!


McHugh, “Man of the Mountain” Rothwell, Beilby and Gavagan…winners all!



Monday 14th – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Bill Eyles (23) 42 points

2nd – Jason Kerr (2) 36 points

3rd – Ty Kerr (5) 35 points


Just a quick mention of our regular Green Valley outing before closing for Songkran. We had to give credit to the Kerr brothers for playing so well. Jason has a golf scholarship back in the states and we are sure his younger brother Ty will be right behind him. Dad Muffy must be very proud! “Wild” Bill Eyles was the man of the day and his 42 points was unbeatable!


This was the week for our annual Songkran Road Trip where we “Get outta Dodge” and head up north to Cowboy Country in the mountains of Khao Yai. There are 4 days of competition golf and the best 3 of your 4 Stableford scores wins the comp, simple as that!



Beautiful Bonanza Golf Club


Tuesday 15th – Bonanza – Stableford – White tees.


1st – John McHugh (13) 42 points

2nd  – Walter Baechli (18) 37 points

2nd  – Mark Stanley (9) 37 points


The fresh clean air of Bonanza filled our lungs this morning as we began the first day of our annual pilgrimage to Khao Yai. This is a magnificent setting for a golf course and, although a bit scruffy in places, she’s a lovely mature parkland style layout in these gentle and lush foothills.


We all began by stretching out from the 3 hour drive up from Pattaya on roads that were clear and toll free! Having already dropped off the wives and girlfriends at the Rim Tarn Inn we were free to get the game afoot on the chase for the “Man of the Mountain” title once more.


As the last group finished the second hole, we had the only spot of rain on the trip, a 45 minute downpour that sent us back to the clubhouse for lunch and then back to the game at hand to finish just in the nick of time at dusk.


The rain delay obviously did not deter my playing partner John McHugh as he went round scoring a 42 playing this course for the first time. Johnny hits the ball a ton but sometimes has “issues” on the green, shall we say? On this day he was in full control of the putter as well as the driver and ended up rightfully on top of the podium with Walter Baechli and Mark Stanley just behind. Atta boy Johnny!


Wednesday 16th – Panorama – Stableford – White tees.


1st – Alan Rothwell (7) 40 points

2nd  – Mick Beresford (18) 38 points

3rd – Peter LeNoury (11) 37 points

3rd – John Emmerson (13) 37 points


Panorama (formerly Voyage Panorama) is just a 25 minute drive down the road from our hotel, but if you miss the turn it can easily become 40 minutes! Remember, when you see the Mountain Creek entrance on the right, it is just 1.3 clicks further on the left. Lesson learned. We all ended up pretty much on time and had the course pretty much to ourselves.


This is a beautiful track that is always well maintained and the par-3 second hole is one of the prettiest you will find. Also notable is the 5th and the hillside 10th where a blind tee shot makes it one of the most intimidating in the area. Khun James always looks after us and Panorama will always be on our Khao Yai playlist.


Today was the day for Alan Rothwell to shine, and scoring 40 points on this tight track is not easy. That’s great golf and took him to the #1 spot on the podium. What better way to celebrate than our Wine & Cheese Night on the terrace? A regular fixture now on our road trips, this mixer just gets better and better.


Thursday the 17th was our day off, but 10 sturdy stalwarts took on the challenge of the fantastic Toscana Valley. There were a few arrangements on the side but no official comp, hence no results but everyone raved about the course. At 4,000 baht it had better be good! I rank this as one of the top 5 golf courses in Thailand and is right up there with Alpine, Blue Canyon, Siam and Black Mountain.


Micky Beresford at Palio.


The rest of the guys and the ladies went up to the popular Palio for sightseeing and lunch. This is a large mock-Italian village named after the horse race in Sienna, and a nice way to spend the morning. We then we headed over to Grande Monte and PB Valley wineries for tastings. What a very civilized way to spend the day off!


Friday 11th – Rancho Charnvee – Stableford


1st  – Eddy Bielby (17) 41 points

2nd – John Emmerson (13) 39 points

3rd – Alan Rothwell (7) 38 points


I would think that Rancho Charnvee was the most popular golf course on the tour this year, and the condition of this golf course was just superb. We had the course to ourselves but TrueVisions was right behind us with their company comp. This course is a must play when visiting Khao Yai!


Once again we had perfect weather for golf and the sunny skies gave way to a slight overcast with a nice breeze to cool things off. As Eddy Bielby himself put it, it is a forgiving course and the wide fairways were a nice breather after Panorama. Even so, any time you score 41 points like Eddy did, you must be making some crucial golf shots. Well played to you Eddy, and good to see Johnny “Pink Eye” Emmerson in the hunt along with that Allan Rothwell guy again! He doesn’t let up, does he?


The stunning 9th at Khao Yai Golf Club


Saturday 19th – Khao Yai Golf Club – Stableford – White tees.


1st – Brian Gavagan (14) 41 points

2nd  – Diego Wells (10) 39 points

3rd – Markku Tynell (23) 38 points

3rd – Alan Rothwell (7) 38 points


This Jack Nicklaus design golf course sits on some of the most beautiful land in Thailand. The topography is just ideal for the stadium course concept Jack envisioned but was probably a decade or two ahead of its time.


The ruins of a massive, uncompleted hotel and condo project are behind the first tee and is evidence that this complex had some grand plans at one time. A victim of the financial crisis of 25 years ago, the temporary clubhouse is more of a large portakabin than what the original owners had imagined for this course, which is now in its’ third name change. After Mission Hills, Life Privilege is now just the Khao Yai Golf Course. Don’t confuse this with the former Khao Yai Country Club, which is now Kirimaya.


Still, it is a stunning golf course and that is why we are here. The soil here is also unique, and once that red mud gets on your socks or clothes you will never get it out, so be careful! This is just a breathtaking golf spectacle and should also be on your agenda when visiting this area. Just down the road are the wineries, conveniently placed for our tastings!


Blue skies and puffy clouds greeted our 08:30 early tee time and everyone (Diego included) showed up on time! A fun day of golf was ahead of us and after 3 rounds of walking, the mandatory carts on the weekend were actually a blessing. Three new names were on the podium today and it was good to have our pal Markku Tynell save his best for last to take a tie on 38 with comp leader Allan Rothwell.


Probably the biggest surprise of the whole week were the next 2 chaps on the podium. The tag team duo of Diego Wells and Brian Gavagan are renowned for their drinking prowess, but the night before was a tame one so guess who takes the crown? Gavagan 1st place and Wells right behind on 39 for 2nd which are great scores for the first timers.


It was all Allan as Mr. Rothwell took top spot for the Cowboy hat and braggin’ rights to the “2014 Man of the Mountain!” Well done Allan and congratulations from us all.




The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and is located on Soi LK Metro. We broadcast all Premier League, UFC, NFL, NHL and NBA games and our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website  and for more information mail us: and see updates at… all handicaps welcome!












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