The Golf Club we 16/05

Delk does the double!

Monday 12th – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Steve Snelgrove (6) 40 points
2nd – Paul Greenaway (9) 39 points
3rd – Alan Rothwell (6) 38 points
3rd – Jeff Cordeiro (7) 38 points
3rd – Henry O’Brien (21) 38 points

First off, it’s Happy Birthday greetings for turning 50 to Simon Spaulding! Good onya mate!
Another Monday at Green Valley saw us dodging the rain once again. We are still getting good turnouts for our regular comp as the course is in great shape. They are getting ready for the big tournament which will render it closed to us for one week so a lot of guys wanted to get a last round in.

A trio of 38’s shared third place but there were two golfer who bettered that number. Paul Greenaway could have won the day with a 39 as that’s a great score normally, but Steve Snelgrove had other plans and his 40 points was the best of the day. Snelgrove seems to like that number as he has been posting several great rounds lately and is the man to watch!

Wednesday 14th – Bangpra – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Ron Delk (15) 30 points
2nd – Ian Ryan (18) 26 points
3rd – Mick Ryan (14) 26 points

We all know good and well that Bangpra is a tough golf course. The greens here, especially in the summer, can be lightning fast and you must accept the fact that there will be some 3-putt greens (some even 4!) so get your head used to that fact.

Today seemed especially cruel as the Gods of Golf deemed that a mere 30 Stableford points would be enough to win the day! That is the lowest winning score here at TGC in ages, but it was indeed good enough for Ron Delk to take top spot on the podium to collect his “handsome man” vouchers for the days’ work. Make sure they all get spent on L.K. Metro, we now have 14 clubs here that have nothing at all to do with golf!

Friday 16th – Pleasant Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Ron Delk (15) 38 points
2nd – Phil Smedley (9) 32 points

There were black clouds all around, and Phil had the van slowed down to 75 KPH on Highway 7 as the rain was pounding down as heavy as we have seen it in ages. A good downpour of huge raindrops finally finished as we approached the course and we found the 18 holes had not a drop of rain from our battle just 5 clicks down the road. Ya just never know!

If Bangpra is the Monkey course, this course always makes me think of The Monkees as we had a very Pleasant Valley Friday, here in status symbol land. We used our vouchers from the Pattaya Sports Club and played here for just 650 baht green fees, and that’s a great deal. People say golf here is getting expensive, and it can be if you aren’t careful. Pleasant Valley is an interesting track that gives good value on a well maintained course with a nice clubhouse and respectable facilities. What more could you want?

As you have just read above, Ron Delk was the winner once again! This time he did it in style and turned in a card with a big red 38 circled on top to prove he can shoot 2 better than his handicap. Our fearless Golf Captain could only muster 32 points but that was good enough for second. Thanks for herding the cats for another week mate! Well done Ron with those 2 wins on the week and hope to see you back here soon.
Kenny Aihara gets loose!

Lastly, we say sayonara to our buddy Kenny Aihara who heads back to Japan today. Kenny joins us every winter for 6-7 months and we wish him the best back in Nagoya, and see you in October!

The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and is located on Soi LK Metro. We broadcast all Premier League, UFC, NFL, NHL and NBA games and our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website and for more information mail us: and see updates at… all handicaps welcome!


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