The Golf Club we 15/11

Chucky does it again!

Monday 11th Nov. – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Chuck Anderson (9) 40 points
2nd – Martin Kingswood (15) 38 points
2nd – Sel Wegner (10) 38 points
3rd – Kalani Makaneole (13) 37 points
3rd – Sugar Ray Handford (17) 37 points

News Flash: Kabinburi is now scheduled for 5-6 December as a one-night road trip, staying at the fantastic Kantary hotel. See our facebook page for full details!

He won it last week and does it again this week, so Chuck “Wow” Anderson is on a roll! This week, he did it one better and tore it up with a 40 pointer. I am getting to thinking he really likes this course, but then what’s not to like? The course is in perfect condition right now, the putts are rolling fast and true and even the birds are happy little whistlers. Maybe the new golf bag he won last week turned out to be his lucky charm?

We had 2 two-way ties following Chuck, with Martin and Sel both a couple back at a very respectable 38 and our big Hawaiian buddy Kalani (who always brings the staff chocolate covered macadamias!) in a tie with his twin Sugar Ray. It’s really hard to tell those guys apart,eh?

Shake it Kenny, give that man a hand!

Wednesday 13th – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Ken Aihara (4) 37 points
2nd – Jason King (29) 36 points
3rd – Ian Brimble (14) 31 points
3rd – David Rose (0) 31 points

Mountain Shadow is right back where it should be and this beautiful golf course is always a real treat to play. Yes, it is frustrating as hell to screw up a great approach with a 3 putt, but get it in your mindset that there will be some 3 putts on your card as there will be on everyone else’s.

The greens today were fast and furious but the weather was perfect so a game was afoot! Steady Kenny was once again at the top of the class with the only score registered better than handicap. Congratulations to Ken on yet another tour victory on his annual pilgrimage to Pattaya.

Jason King was chasing one shot back and there was a tie for third with just 31 points on the chart! Ian Brimble and pro David Rose hung in there to scrape out a win that must have been a surprise to them both. It’s a funny old game and if you just keep pluggin’ away, you just might catch a break and that is the story of the day. Never give up!

Don’t forget to sign up for our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday the 28th Nov. and see the menu on our facebook page. Also, we are having our 1st Annual St. Andrews Day Tournament which is a 2-man Scramble at…St. Andrews! Aberdeen Haggis or Filet Steak after the golf with Cullen Skink, smoked salmon as well as tatties and neeps on our special Scottish menu on Friday 29th.

Friday 15th – Pattana – PSC Members Monthly

Please see the PSC write up for results and details. Thanks for joining The Golf Club this week for another slice of golfing heaven!

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