The Golf Club we 08/11

Tributes all round to Gentleman George.

Monday 4th Nov. – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Chuck Anderson (9) 39 points
2nd – Ken Aihara (4) 38 points
2nd – Akifume Tate (17) 38 points
3rd – Robbie Taylor (11) 37 points
3rd – Ken Grimes (17) 37 points

It was a special Monday event today as we took time to remember our dear friend Gentleman George Bishop who sadly passed away earlier this year. Phil Williams led the tributes and George’s wife Gogo was also in attendance for the tournament. Captain Phil Smedley did a fantastic job of getting it all together and the lads have been singing his praises for doing such great work at running our golf these days. We had a full roster on the cards and, as Brad says, the herding of the cats started at our 08:15 departure time. Thanks to all who joined in with us and congrats to Chuck Anderson who is now the proud owner of a sleek new silver golf bag!

Chuck, Gogo & Phil

Phil Williams and Phil Smedley at the presentation.

Wednesday 6th – Khao Kheow – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Aki Tate (17) 40 points
2nd – Phil Smedley (10) 37 points
3rd – Massimo (22) 36 points

Aki Tate bags another win!

Time once again to visit one of the best golf courses in the Pattaya area and challenge the Pete Dye design at Khao Kheow. All reports back in the clubhouse were very positive about the condition, there was just a bit of water about in a few places but it all played beautifully.

The first 3 golfers hit beautiful drives, but all were 60 yards left of the fairway. None of them bothered to line up the ball like Jack Nicklaus does, that is to pick a target a yard ahead of your ball and use it as a general directional guide. The tees were set up way left, so if a golfer just plops the ball down and swings away without a proper setup, he is penalized by a nasty surprise in the left rough.

Your eventual winner on the day, Aki Tate was observed lining up his drive properly and the result was a shot right down the middle of the fairway. Sometimes it is good to revert back to Golf 101 and get back to basics. That is why the pros are always being watched by their coaches! Aki had a great day and ended up with a big red 40 circled at the top of his scorecard and a well deserved win for the thinking man’s golfer.

Captain Phil also had a good day, and when you card a 37 at Khao Kheow you have had one sweet round of golf. Massive Massimo brought up the rear and took the bronze with a very respectable 36 points on the day.

Friday 8th – Battavia Century – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Frank Riley
1st – Ken Aihara
2nd – Mick Beresford

You may have noticed there are no actual scores for the comp today. As the rain filled the skies overhead, there were some who continued play and others who sat it out, but the three best golfers are listed above.

This was a well anticipated event at the newly opened Battavia Century, the former Century Chonburi designed by Sir Nick Faldo. The track has always been a great layout, but with a small budget to work with there is only so much the greenskeeping staff can do. Chang Brewery bought this course some 8 months ago and has given her the resources she deserves.

All aspects of the course were just fine, especially given the recent rains. The construction of new facilities is well underway and the course itself is very playable. This is never going to be another Siam, but with a bit more TLC it will definitely become a popular track for those on a budget. We will return here to play again and watch the improvements being made and see this golf course progress to the level befitting of her pedigree. Put it on your playlist boys, we need to support this newborn beauty!

Thanks for joining The Golf Club this week for another slice of golfing heaven!

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