The Golf Club we 07/03

Breslin’s 43 a gem at Emerald!

 Monday 3rd – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.

1st – Phil Williams (12) 38 points

2nd – Andres Pedersen (8) 37 points

3rd – Dave Edwards (19) 36 points

3rd – Geoff Doody (22) 36 points

It’s that time of the year once again, so it’s best to start thinking about where you want to go for the madness we call Songkran. I strongly suggest to all our dear readers to avoid Pattaya like the plague from the 15th-20th of April as the town descends into a watery mess and roadside confrontations abound. We are heading out to the cool mountains of Khao Yai on the morning of Tuesday the 15th of April for 5 nights and 4 rounds of golf at some spectacular golf courses. We are staying in the town of Pak Chong so drop by The Golf Club or check our facebook page for more details.

Today, we are off to Green Valley, and Captain Phil has another full sheet of 40 golfers and 3 full vans chugging up the old 36 to the best all-round golf course in Pattaya. The course is in beautiful condition as usual, and we were once again fortunate with the gods of weather on our side.

New blood was the order of the day and smiles all round as we welcomed our mate Phil Williams to the top of the podium. Phil took the win with 38 points on the card for an outright victory over Andres Pedersen one shot back. Third place saw a tie on 36 with Dave Edwards and a steady Geoff Doody. Last week we saw Geoff take second here with 38 points and he is really showing everyone how much he likes this course!

Wednesday 5th – Crystal Bay – Stableford – White tees.

1st  – Masao Ishikawa (16) 37 points

2nd – Alan Rothwell (6) 35 points

3rd  – Gary Emmett (18) 35 points

Crystal Bay has seen better days. It looks like the lack of rain has taken its’ toll on some courses more than others and old C.B. looks to have drawn the short end of the stick here. Greens were bumpy and inconsistent and the fairways were rock hard, so obviously tough to get your club under the ball and up in the air.

On days like this, it is time to “think links” and bump and run the ball up to the green for a better chance for the par. Masao Ishikawa had that idea in mind as he was the only golfer to better his handicap today and claim first place in the process. Alan Rothwell was once again in the chase but could only manage 35 points to share second spot with Aussie Gary Emmett who is visiting us once again.

 Friday 7th – Emerald – Stableford – White tees.

 1st  – Tom Breslin (25) 43 points

2nd – Alan Rothwell (6) 36 points

3rd  – Vic Hester (15) 35 points

Yep, that was no misprint, Tom Breslin had the round of the year and walked off with a big 43 points circled at the top of his card. It was a great day for the Irish and we gotta give Tom a big slap on the back as shooting that kind of score here is amazing. Yet again, that name of Alan Rothwell was lurking on the leaderboard, but when a guy shoots 43 whatdya gonna do? Well played to Alan once again, he has been very consistent lately!

The rigmeister Vic Hester was also in the hunt and a very respectable 35 points is good going here at the Emerald for sole 3rd place on the podium for Vic.

Thanks to all who joined us this week and for your support of The Golf Club.

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