The Golf Club we 05/06

An electric eclectic for all!

News! Our Kabinburi Road Trip is on for July 9-10 so get signed up soon as we only have 16 places

Monday 3rd – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Jeff Cordeiro (9) 40 points
2nd – Steve Little (6) 38 points
3rd – Paul Greenaway (8) 36 points
3rd – Geoff Doody (23) 36 points

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the competition know as an “Eclectic”, it is a fun comp where you play the same course for 2 days and take your best score from each hole to get your “eclectic” score. This can lead to a lot of pressure on the second day as those holes where you may have stumbled on day 1 are now even more important. Handy tip: Don’t forget to keep your scorecard from the first day!

And so it was to be our Green Valley eclectic for early June with Pattaya’s finest out in full force. Day one saw perfect weather and an immaculate golf course in front of us. Phil greeted several darksiders who joined up with us on the first tee and the game was afoot.

It really does help to start off this two day comp with a half decent first round, but this format can be full of surprises! 40 points is always hard to beat, and Jeff Cordeiro scored just that. Four strokes better than his handicap of 9 is a great round of golf, so well played Jeffrey! That name Steve Little has been around for the last several weeks and once again, Stevie has a podium placing with 38 points for second. Paul Greenaway and Geoff Doody shot to their handicap to tie for third to set the stage for tomorrow’s second round decider!

Tuesday 4th – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Mike Newbert (9) 39 points
2nd – Steve Little (6) 35 points
3rd – Jimmy Brackett (7) 34 points

The single digit handicappers took over the podium for today’s comp and left the rest in their dust. Day two saw Mike Newbert (not even in the frame yesterday) shoot his best and won the thing with a solid 39 points. Steve Little once again took second in his stride while our old pal Jimmy Brackett, just back from the Arizona sunshine, score 34 for third place.

Jimmy ended up singing for his supper and treated us to a medley of songs (on Gabe’s guitar) as the electricity was being torn up on Soi Buakhao and left us in the dark. It was just like that scene from Titanic, and the band played on. We all survived quite nicely, thank you very much, and the lights were back on and Jimmy took a bow. Thanks buddy!

Eclectic Results – Rayong Green Valley
1st – Steve Little (6) 49 points
2nd – Mike Newbert (9) 45 points
3rd – Phil Smedley (10) 40 points

I told you this type of comp can be full of surprises! Phil Smedley never factored in any podium placings, yet for the comp gets away with 3rd place from out of nowhere! Great job Phil, and a heck of a comeback.

Mike fought hard but fell just short of Steve Little’s victorious 49, which is great golf and we are all glad to see Steve leave on a high note after a fortnight of fine shooting. All the best mate and see you in a few months with your Monthly Medal shirt!

Thursday 6th – Greenwood – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Phil Smedley (11) 39 points
1st – Mashi Kaneta (14) 39 points
3rd – Barry Collier (8) 35 points

The reports were all raves about the condition of Greenwood, one of our favourite golf courses in the area. What the heck got into Smedders? He started the week out slowly and then ends it with a bang! Our own Captain Phil Smedley takes top honours with a terrific 39 points to end up a great week of golf. As a special prize, he will have a newly painted Toyota minibus all spruced up to drive the lads around our Pattaya golf course venues!

Congratulations to Mashi also with 39 to share the win and Barry Collier who finally gets on the podium with 35. Thanks guys and have a great weekend’s rest!

The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and is located on Soi LK Metro. We try to schedule summer “Sports Days”, so come join us for a seriously fun day out. We broadcast all Premier League, UFC, NFL, NHL and NBA games and our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website and for more information mail us: and see updates at… all handicaps welcome!

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