The Golf Club we 04/10

Swingin’ in the Rain!

Monday 30th Sept. – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Nigel Flanagan (12) 38 points
2nd – Dale Shier (13) 36 points
2nd – Phil Williams () 36 points
3rd – Rick Allison (2) 35 points
3rd – Peter Rogers (21) 35 points
3rd – Mike Newbert (10) 35 points

Lots of golfers out today, in spite of the gloomy skies, and off to our Monday game at Green Valley. It also seemed like a lot of golfers wanted to shoot a 35 today as we had a 3-way tie for third! The names of the usual suspects are listed above.

It has been awhile since Nigel Flanagan topped the leaderboard playing with us, but it was good to see him playing so well and returning back to form. Is this the shape of things to come? Ya see Nigel, that couple of extra kilos can actually help your game. C’mon man!

Tuesday 2nd – Khao Kheow – Stableford – Yellow tees.
1st – Tate Akifumi (17) 22 points
2nd – Rick Allison (2) 19 points

It was a rough old day on the golf course today and there were few survivors. We were lucky enough to be playing the just reopened “B” track and in spite of the downpour, it is looking great. The course, like most in Pattaya, has had a tough week of hard rain so we weren’t expecting fabulous condition. Let’s just see how hard the greenskeeping crews work next week to get things back up to scratch.

The hard rain does not seem to bother some people, and our pal Aki had a superb 9 holes of golf to score a whopping 22 Stableford points to claim victory today. It is a shame we could not finish the round, but all credit to Aki for a brilliant front (and only) 9. Steady Rick Allison’s name is on the podium once again and is a hard guy to beat these days.

Friday 19th – Mountain. Shadow – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Peter Rogers (21) 38 points
2nd – Jimmy Dundon (14) 35 points
3rd – Phil Smedley (9) 32 points

We originally had Crystal Bay on our schedule for today, but a most unusual thing happened. I got a phone call the day before from Crystal Bay alerting me to the fact that there were no golf carts allowed on the course as it was quite wet, and they had reserved optional tee times for me at Mt. Shadow! How great is that? All credit and thanks to the management of Crystal Bay to take such an honest and pro-active approach to their situation.

We gratefully accepted the option and Phil gathered the slightly damp masses to set out for the course. It was a bit of a slog, but it sure is nicer getting drenched at 32 degrees here than 18 degrees back in Blighty! After a short rain delay, the lads soldiered on only to find our fearless Golf Captain, now playing off 9, bring in 32 points for third place. Ahead of Phil was the recently departed (as in just left, not dead) Jimmy Dundon (see ya back in Feb. Jim!) claim sole second with 35 points.

The rainy day belonged to Peter Rogers, and after a spell of several months not on top of the heap, it was good to see our pal get back into the swing of things again with a 38. In March, Peter had a great run of several wins and good luck to him that this is just the beginning of many more in October. Peter also had a good showing on Monday with a tie for third.

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