The Golf Club 22/02

It’s Corey for the Medal!

Monday 22nd – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
1st – John Burns (22) 39 points
2nd – Andy Makara (25) 36 points
T – 3rd – Mark Wood (9) 35 points
T – 3rd – Terry Pettitt (12) 35 points

For those of you reading from distant shores, this is the week for the ladies. To be more precise, the LPGA who have come to town to play the Honda classic up at Siam Old Course. Most of the gang here ended up there for a day or two and they sure put on a good show. Lexi Thompson blew away the field and on the final day strolled up the 18th with a 5 shot lead. Hope little Ally wants to follow in her footsteps!

Golf club22feb
Ishi, Corey, Peter and Kenny after golf on Soi LK Metro.

For once it was an uneventful beginning to the week as we head up the good old 36 to RGV. It was lovely weather and the scene was set for another round of perfect golf in the high season. Course condition here was really good, maybe a tad dry but perfect greens.

Scoring was unremarkable as only one of the 34 golfers shot better than their handicap! Terry Pettitt and his wife have been joining us for the last few weeks and are now winding down their holiday to get back to blighty just in time for the daffs to start popping up in the garden. Terry did well here to tie Mark Wood on 35 points.

Regular Andy Makara found another spot on the podium to shoot his handicap and claim 36 points today. Tourist John Burns from downundah had the best round of the day and cleared the field by 3 strokes with a blinding 39 for a big handful of those handsome man vouchers. These are to be the last of the gifts from Dave Ferris, so a big thank you to Dave for filling in whilst Captain Phil had a break back in Oz.

Wednesday 24th – Greenwood C & B – Monthly Medal – White Tees
1st – Corey Cusatis (22) 69 net
2nd – Ishi Masao (16) 70 net
3rd – Peter LeNoury (13) 71 net
T – 4th – Alan Rothwell (7) 72 net
T – 4th – Jason Doyle (24) 72 net
6th – Kenny Aihara (5) 73 net

Back to work Phil! 4 vans were needed today as 36 golfers were out to compete for our Monthly Medal. It was another glorious day as we left TGC and it continued through the day, save for a 2 minute drop of rain on the C – 9 green that was very strange. Nobody else got it!
A little beauty, the 8th at Greenwood is a pleasure.

The condition of this golf course was darn near perfect. There was crabgrass on some holes that seemed to be more around the green than anywhere else. This really did not represent any problems other than the esthetics of it. Bunkers were all raked and smooth giving us a fair test out there. We did play lift, clean and place in the short grass which turned out to be a good idea as a few patches of mud lingered from past downpours. We all had great caddies in my fourball who could read greens as well as having a laff. They were all very much on top of the game and one step ahead all day long. Nice going Boom and the girls!

In the end, Kenny was in the pack, good to see Mr. Rothwell playing well, steady LeNoury also in the thick of it and Nihon-jin Ishi-San with a brilliant 70. It was a close race, but in the end Corey Cusatis had one shot better to win our February Monthly Medal and his (2XL!) Antigua TGC golf shirt for the effort. Corey has been playing with us for the last month and with a win last week, this is his second best round in Pattaya to date.

For the record, the PSC has had a bit of trouble with the handicapping software that only allows so many names on the list at one time. We are aware of this, and both Dave Ferris and returning golf captain Phil Smedley are on top of the situation. All seems to now be getting fixed at this writing so next week all our golfers should be officially on the record.

Friday 26th – Khao Kheow – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Blake Hanna (19) 43 points
2nd – Fred Birch (21) 38 points
T-3rd – Ishi Masao (16) 37 points
T-3rd – Mark Wood (9) 37 points
T-4th – Terry Pettitt (12) 35 points
T-4th – Ray Powell (14) 35 points

Today winds up a wonderful week of golf here in Pattaya and what better place to finish than at Khao Kheow. The guys were raving about the course, all elements in great condition and another perfect day of comfortable high season golf that brought a mere gloss of perspiration to the brow.

We had another strong turnout of 32 golfers and a few defectors made their way up to Siam to see how proper golf is played, LPGA style.

On to the scoring and we find a very crowded podium with their little hands outstretched for one of those lovely little brown envelopes Phil likes to hand out. I must apologize to winner Blake Hanna who had a remarkable 43 points out there today. I missed him 3 days running and did not get a photo of him for this week’s write up. Shooting a round like that, he certainly did deserve it, but I will get you next time my friend! Nice going Blake!

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