The Golf Club 21/09


Steve Ellison

Steady Stanton the Star!


Monday 21st – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees.

1st – Kevin Hamilton (16) 35 points

T -2nd – Alan Cole (13) 33 points

T -2nd – Al Marumoto (10) 33 points

T -2nd – Fred Graham (16) 33 points


Falang radio is finally back on the air and there is a new golf radio show that has just started. It is on Fabulous 103 FM and called “Golf ‘round Pattaya” hosted by Mike Bridge (from The Pattaya Golfer magazine), and we are happy to be one of the founding sponsors. Have a listen to our spots in the morning, afternoon and drivetime.


To the comp today, a much improved Green Valley was before us and the clouds and rain stayed on the horizon. Somebody was getting wet, but it wasn’t us! We had another decent turnout of 20 golfers for the comp today. The first group got off a bit earlier than our first tee time of 9:27 so it does pay to turn up on time.


Another three at 33 as Alan Cole, Al Marumoto and Freddy Graham all tied for second place on a crowded podium. Last month’s Monthly Medal winner was champion again today as Kevin Hamilton scored best with his 35 pointer. Not a huge number, but good enough for another first!


Tuesday 22nd – Laem Chabang – Stableford – White Tees.

T -1st – Bob Mulholland (8) 36 points

T -1st – Ken Grimes (20) 36 points

T -3rd – Sugar Robinson (9) 34 points

T -3rd – Alan Cole (13) 34 points

T -3rd – Phil Smedley (10) 34 points


We love getting out to Laem Chabang and today the sign up sheet had 5 tee times and was all full up. This is such a great chance to play here for just 2,300 all in that we try to book here at least once a month for their Sports Days. The newly revamped lockers, clubhouse and restaurant are all first class and just adds to the value of this classic Jack Nicklaus layout.


Like Monday, a crowded podium again with three tied for third and two golfers sharing the win. Sugar, Alan and Capt. Phil were all on the 34 point mark, which is a commendable number here. The two at the top were Bob Mulholland off 8 and Kenny Grimes off 20. That is the great thing about this game, when 20 years age difference and a 12 shot handicap gap can all add up to a draw, unlike any other sport on the planet! Well played to both of you!


Maurice, Darren, John and Bob at KBSC.


Thursday 24th – Kabinburi Sports Club – Stableford – Yellow Tees

Overall Results (2 Days)

1st – Darren Stanton 74 points

T – 2nd – Maurice Roberts 72 points

T – 2nd – Bob Watson 72 points


Day 1 Results

1st – Maurice Roberts (12) 43 points

T – 2nd – Andre Van Dyke (12) 36 points

T – 2nd – Bob Watson (2) 36 points


Another Road Trip was on offer and the Kabinburi Sport Club was the destination for this trip. It took exactly 2 hours drive to arrive at the Tawaravadee Resort where we checked in and had a break in the coffee shop. A good thing too, as the rain started pelting down and the dark clouds were all around us. Never mind, off we go to the course, about 25 minutes down the road on the 33, and the rain continued all the way there.


It was not looking good so we camped out at the range, hit some balls, had a bite in the restaurant and waited for 40 minutes. All of a sudden, the skies cleared and we headed out in the megabuggy to the first tee. We teed off just after our scheduled 1:00 tee time and never saw another drop of rain for the next 2 days!

KBSC copy

The Crocodile hole par-4 at KBSC


Obviously, lift clean and place was on the cards but the golf course drained pretty well and naturally it was in magnificent condition as it always is. We were surprised at how well it had held up with such hard rains but the going was good, albeit a bit muddy in places. They have put a lot of money in upgrades here and new plantings of trees, flowers and shrubs are everywhere. The staff and management are top notch so I can definitely recommend playing up here and it is certainly worth the drive to visit Khun Nahm and his crew.


It was the first time our new PSC Golf Chairman Maurice Roberts and PSC P.R. & Marketing Chairman Andre Van Dyke were joining us in Kabinburi, and it seems they were feeling very comfortable. Maurice must have loved the course, and his 43 (shocking!) points almost brought out the hangman’s noose at the Wine and Cheese poolside party that night. Thanks for joining us guys, nice to have you on board!


Friday 25th – Kabinburi Sports Club – Stableford – White Tees

Day 2 Results

1st – Darren Stanton (18) 40 points

2nd – Bob Watson (2) 36 points

3rd – Andy Piazza (20) 31 points


Much better weather greeted us today as we found ourselves dancing with the dragonflies on almost every hole. There were the inevitable aspirins handed out on the first tee as small comfort from the wine of the night before. Now that everyone has played the course and familiar with the lay of the land, even better scores were expected.


It would be hard to top that 43 from Maurice yesterday, but Darren Stanton gave it a good run and his 40 point card took the top spot on the podium. Steady Bob Watson had another 36 points to add to his tally as well.


In the end, it was Darren with his first day 34 plus 40 today for a comeback win of 74 total points to edge out Maurice Roberts and Bob Watson on 72 points that got them tied for second place honours. Thanks to all who joined, and also good to see Khun Pim break in those Red Tees and Dave McFeeley also make the journey with us. Thanks to John Emmerson also for giving Phil Smedley a much needed break! Kabinburi Sport Club, we shall return!


The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and located on Soi LK Metro. We broadcast all English Premier League, UFC, NFL, MLB and AFL games live. Our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our websi te and for more information mail us: and see updates at… all handicaps welcome!


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