The Golf Club 14/12

A Magic 40 for Micky!

Monday 14th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Micky Beresford (16) 40 points
T – 2nd – Peter Thomas (15) 37 points
T – 2nd – Dave Ferris (20) 37 points
T – 2nd – Brian Carr (26) 37 points

And a Merry Micky Christmas from Mr. Beresford!

Rayong Green Valley was on the agenda again and we arrived right at 8:50 for our regular 9:27 tee time. Capt. Phil got the lads off a bit early and we were greeted with perfect weather which was nice and cool for a change. It seems nights are a bit cooler now as the days of unusually high humidity are behind us.

There was a tight tie for second place as TGC regulars controlled the box this week. Peter Thomas, Dave Ferris and Brian Carr all did very well to rack up 37 points out there today. I think most of us would be happy to walk off the 18th with that on our score card!

Today was the magic 40 for Mr. Beresford as he completely dominated a large field of 28 golfers out there. Mick walked away a full 3 strokes ahead of the pack for a decisive and well earned victory. He shot 19 on the front and 21 on the back while playing with a group of single handicappers that provided useful inspiration! Those 2 birdies didn’t hurt either!

Merry Christmas from Fred, Steve, Alan and staff of T.G.C.!
Wednesday 16th – Pattana C.C. – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Steve Sweeney (26) 35 points
2nd – Mansik Young (24) 34 points
T -3rd – Alan Rothwell (5) 33 points
T -3rd – Fred Birch (5) 33 points

Pattana is such a great golf course it is a shame we don’t get out here more often. With so many great courses in Pattaya, we are truly spoiled for choice with 24 courses on our menu. It is hard to schedule the perfect rota but do try Pattana if you are visiting Pattaya, it is well worth it.

A couple of 5 handicappers by the likes of Alan Rothwell and Fred Birch graced the stage with 33’s to tie for third. Hey, a podium spot still means a Christmas card from Capt. Phil! Vising Mansik Young had a good day as well to take second spot with 34. That big grin on Steve Sweeney’s face back in the clubhouse could only mean he had a great round out there, sure enough his 35 was the best of the day and Smilin’ Steve Sweeney snatches first place.

Friday 18th – Bangpakong Riverside – Stableford – White Tees
1st – Alan Rothwell (5) 38 points
2nd – Bill Fershman (28) 36 points
T -3rd – Walter Baechli (16) 34 points
T -3rd – Mansik Young (24) 34 points

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