The Golf Club 05/10

Steve Ellison
Great Going for Gabe!

Monday 5th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees.
1st – Haru Saijo (12) 36 points
T – 2nd – Robbie Taylor (12) 35 points
T – 2nd – Michael McCluskey (23) 35 points
T – 2nd – Walter Baechli (17) 35 points
T – 2nd – Jack Grindvold (3) 35 points
T – 2nd – Phil Smedley (10) 35 points

Numbers seem to be dropping off for our weekly Monday trek to Green Valley. Several of our regulars have expressed disappointment with the condition of the greens and will not be returning until they are improved. When comparing price to value, the numbers do not add up for non-members, so we need to be realistic here. There is a lot of competition between golf courses in Pattaya and right now Green Valley is losing it. This is such a shame as up until the last 7 or 8 weeks I was singing the praises of this course. Let’s hope this gets sorted before high season.

Visiting from Japan, Haru Saijo was on top of a big leaderboard with his 36 being best of the day. Five lads all shot 35 points on the card which was a big surprise for all, and you have to wonder what odds Barry would have put on that!

Tuesday 6th – Bangpra – Stableford – White Tees.
1st – Michael McCluskey (20) 35 points
T – 2nd – Ben Denham (1) 30 points
T – 2nd – Rusty Barfield (6) 30 points
T – 2nd – Darren Stanton (18) 30 points

The popular Bangpra was our destination today and it was something we were all looking forward to. The weather was with us for the most part, and just a light shower cooled things down mid-round.

As the leaderboard shows, it was tough out there today as just 30 points got you on the podium. Ben, Rusty and Darren all had the same stoke count to share second place. Fresh from his 43 point victory last week at Siam Plantation, Michael McCluskey lost 3 shots off his handicap and still manages to take the win, but this time with a 35. Michael did well this trip and improved his game greatly to gain the accolades he deserves!

Phil, John, Mark & Steve at the new Silky Oaks!

Thursday 8th – Silky Oaks – 4-Man Scramble – White Tees

We had 12 of us join in their comp here today and had a blast! It was great to see some old friends and all was perfectly organized thanks to the efforts of Klaus and Khun Niran. This was the first time I played this new layout which is now 18 individual holes with no shared fairways or greens. Personally, I like a course that has some hills and elevation changes and the new Silky Oaks certainly has that.

Condition of the course was fine, no complaints at all. There is still a lot of construction going on as they are in the process of adding still another 18 holes to this project. I give this place a thumbs up and we will definitely put Silky Oaks as a regular event on our golf schedule.


Friday 9th – Siam Waterside – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Gabriel Enright (20) 42 points
2nd – Terry Power (11) 39 points
3rd – John McHugh (13) 37 points
T – 4th – Dale Shier (11) 36 points
T – 4th – Mike Newbert (6) 36 points

Read ‘em and weep boys, looks like it was Visitors 3, Members 2 on the podium count as Gabe Enright had one heck of a round to claim the crown of Waterside.

The start of the day sure looked ominous and a good, hard rain greeted us for breakfast at the club. Capt. Phil’s cell phone was busy as the cancellations were coming in one after another. We had this happen the last time we tried to play here, so the decision was made to go ahead with it and see what it was like. A phone call confirmed the course was open, but as we took that broad turn off the 7 to join the 36 the rain came down even harder. Gulp!
A sublime par 3 at Siam Waterside.

At the Waterside Clubhouse, just a light rainfall was watering the fairways and the skies were getting brighter. The course drains well, and as the usual lift, clean and place were announced there really was little problem with the wet. By the second hole, the rain had stopped and 6 holes later I was putting on the factor 50 sunscreen Bobby Ninneman left me in the condo.

Waterside is an example of how a golf course should be maintained. The greens rolled beautifully, it was all in pristine condition, and you can see how you would get spoiled playing the Siam triumvirate on a regular basis. Thanks to our gang of Siam members for sharing their vouchers to give TGC a great day out at Waterside.

Members Mike Newbert and John McHugh made their podium placing with a 36 and 37 respectively. McHugh is still riding high as our September Monthly Medal winner and Newbert goes from strength to strength. A couple of years ago Mikey (aka the Montauk Mauler) was a 16 and now plays off a 6… respect bro!

Adding to the injury was Terry Power and a chap by the name of Dale Shier. Far be it for Dale to rub it in, I mean he wouldn’t do that, would he? Gabe Enright was the story of the day and he kept pluggin’ away and never let a blob occupy a box on the card. I think he really wanted this one, and he got it. Great going Gabe for the big Four-Two!

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