The Golf Club 03/02 & 07/02

Nothing Bland about Don’s win!


Monday 3rd – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Peter LeNoury (11) 38 points
1st – Derek Winkless (9) 38 points
2nd – Alan Rothwell (6) 36 points
2nd – Vic Hester (18) 36 points
2nd – Akifume Tate (15) 36 points

Joint winners Derek Winkless with Peter LeNoury back at TGC.

It was another beautiful day in our little Pattaya Paradise as 8 groups of the best golfers in town journeyed out to our regular Monday venue. Peter LeNoury kept his cool after discovering someone had backed into his brand new Honda Accord, just a month old. I would have been a lot more upset, but Peter was unfazed and went on to shoot a 38 to share the win with Winkless…that’s Derek, not brother Peter.

The brothers have been joining us on a regular basis on this trip out and playing some good solid golf. Right behind them on 36 was American Alan Rothwell, a 6 handicapper who is hard to beat as he is one of the most consistent players we have.

It was also the week where we welcomed back our old pal Vic “the Rig” Hester, another car junkie like Mr. LeNoury. You will usually find Vic behind the wheel of some gorgeous exotic machine, and I’m not talking about a Club Car or E-Z Go here. Vic shot a 36 as well, and Aki Tate made up the trio of 36’s for joint 2nd place credits.

Wednesday 5th – Royal Lakeside – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Don Bland (4) 37 points
1st – Kevin Moraghan (16) 37 points
2nd – Mark Wood (9) 34 points
3rd – Derek Winkless (9) 32 points
3rd – Nigel Flanagan (14) 32 points

It is just under an hour’s drive to get to this course, but certainly worth the extra 20 minutes in the van. Lakeside is usually in top condition and aside from the hard greens, it was perfect. The course played long and we were also challenged by some high winds as the day progressed.

We quickly filled our 5 tee times so got another 2 a few days ago. Mark Wood was lucky enough to find his group as our additional 2 tee times were put off the 10th to speed things up, quick thinking from a clever starter. Mark stumbled a bit at the end and could only muster 4 points on the last 4 holes (with 2 strokes!) for his placing. Coulda, woulda, shoulda? Wood finished sole second, not a bad result for a finish like that!

But it was a rogues gallery for the lead photo this week with Don Bland finally getting a well deserved tie for first with Kevin Moraghan, then Derek and Nigel sneaking in with 32 points for a few handsome man vouchers. Seems like the Siam members have to slum it this week with the Old Course closed for the LPGA and good to see them back in the fold!

Bob Mulholland, John Emmerson, Reg Glass and Kenny Aihara.

Friday 17th Plutaluang Navy – Stableford – Yellow Tees
1st – Ken Aihara (3) 38 points
2nd – Bob Mulholland () 36 points
3rd – Reg Glass () 34 points
4th – Ray Powell (16) 33 points

Last month when we played here, a splendid time was had by all. This time it was quite different. No carts, no caddies and a starter who had no clue were the cards we were dealt this time out. We schedule this course just a few times a year, and that is probably enough. It is such a shame because it is a great layout in a spectacular setting and I personally love the elevation changes this course presents. They just need to get up to speed with the maintenance program here.

Thanks to partner John Emmerson for filling in Phil’s spikes as Capt’n. Smedley is off to Cambodia for a little R&R. Johnny gave me the properly filled in results sheet, which I proceeded to lose immediately. Never mind, I’ll just go back over the scorecards, right? What a mess of scratches and scribbles, and that was just filling in the name on top.

Guys, take 10 seconds to print your name in block letters so we can read them please. You can’t win if we can’t read your card. The one card I could read was the winner, Kenny Aihara who had a big 38 circled at the top of his card, next to his name in block letters, just like you’re supposed to do. It was good to see Kenny return to form as he hasn’t been scoring well of late, so this was a well deserved win for him.

Next was either Bob Mulholland or Bill Meader, must be Bob on second glance, who had the 36 points, then came Reg (have another) Glass with 34 and Ray Powell with 33…I think.

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