The Bunker Boys 20/07

Monday, July 20, Pattana G.C. A & B : Stableford

Playing from the white tees at nearly 6,900 yards against a strong wind and fairways with little to no roll, the Bunker Boys could only manage an average stableford score of 28. Rab McDonald clinched first place with a mere 33 points, and Geoff Parker took second place on count back over Les Hall with 32 points. Tough day. Unforgiving course.
We were pleasantly surprised to be able to play the A-course for the first time in ages. For whatever reason, the couse has been off-limits on numerous past visits and we were thinking / hoping that the word which seems to be missing from the Thai vocabulary — maintenance — was the reason. In fact, there didn’t seem to be any apparent changes.
The par-3’s on this course are quite challenging, especially from the white tees, and there were only two, both by Geoff Parker.

1st Rab McDonald (17) 33 pts
2nd Geoff Parker (13) 32 pts cb
3rd Les Hall (24) 32 pts
Near Pins : Geoff Parker (2)

Wednesday, July 22, Eastern Star G.C. : Stableford
It was a perfect day for golf at the ever so brown Eastern Star G.C.. If Trent Jones Jr. could see the place now he’d be screaming for water. Hardpan fairways was the order of the day, and ” roll baby roll ” could be heard echoing from the t-boxes. If truth be known, watering at this point would probably prove futile and resodding / reseeding would be the more appropriate course of action.
Surprisingly, the greens were in pretty good nick and were more green than brown. Standing on the mostly green greens gazing back at the mostly brown fairways, one could only hope to intice the golf gods to provide some relief.

1st Jimmy Carr (18) 37 pts
2nd Colin Greig (8) 36 pts
3rd Ken Young (27) 33 pts
Near Pins: Takeshi Hakozaki (2), Ken Young

Friday, July 26, Phoenix G.C. Mountain & Ocean : Medal

Management has inserted ” Gold ” in the name Phoenix Gold Golf & Country Club as that’s what you need to hire a buggie at this track — 700 baht ! All in for 2,000 baht in low season is a bit pricey. In all fairness, you can ride for free on Tuesday. Dear scheduling committee, please book Phoenix Gold on Tuesday.
The course was in perfectly adequate condition and looked like a verdant jungle compared to Eastern Star. The Bunker Boys were not on top of their game and managed to post a net average of 82. Raleigh Gosney most likely had the best turn-around, making the turn at an ungodly 20 over, and finishing 27 over.

1st Ken Young (27) 74 net
2nd Les Cobban (8) 75 net
3rd Frank Quinlan (27) 79 net cb ( 5 players with 79 ).
Near Pins : Ken Young, Colin Greig

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