The Bunker Boys 5/10

Khao Kheow G.C. A & C Yellow Tees — Stableford —

Surprisingly, after the heavy weekend rains and with rain in the forecast, 11 Bunker Boys showed up at The Ranch on this gray / overcast Monday morning to play one of our favorite courses. Things were looking good until a few minutes before our arrival when again the proverbial cats and dogs began falling from the sky. After about a thirty minute delay it had died down to a drizzle, and off we went. As we’re about to tee on A-1 eight carts ( two four-balls ) go driving by skipping the hole and heading on to A-2. Yes, that’s correct — cutting in front of us!!! It was a group of Chinese men that had been waiting in the clubhouse, along with us, for the rain to stop. The well-mannered Chinamen proceeded to play at a snail’s pace; add to this the wet / muddy / flooded conditions, and you get an average stableford score of a mere 24 points. Not a real fun day for the Bunker Boys. For the sake of international relations, and because there were no Americans with guns in our group, nothing was said or done. I knew I should of stayed in bed.
1st Ian Milne (14) 31 pts
2nd Geoff Cox (15) 28 pts cb
3rd Les Hall (23) 28 pts
Near Pins: Jimmy Carr (2) Geoff Williams, Geoff Cox

Wednesday, October 7, Phoenix C.C. Mountain & Ocean — Medal —
Driving to The Ranch in the morning without the threat of rain — for a change –, I was looking forward to meeting the guys and heading off to the beautiful Phoenix C.C.. Spirits had been lifted by the sunshine, and Monday’s disaster was now part of ancient history. Well, there were a few people saying they would never eat chop suey again.
It was medal play today, and this always seems to tighten up the lower orifice a bit and focus ones’ attention. Today was no exception with four out of our nine players shooting in the 80’s. Tony Robbins was the man of the day with a very respectable 71 net.
Considering the recent downpours, the course was in satisfactory condition. Hopefully, all the rain will help the refurbishing of the Lakes course to proceed smoothly.
1st Tony Robbins (17) 71 net
2nd Geoff Williams (13) 74 net
3rd Ian Milne (14) 75 net
Near Pins: Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, Ian Milne (2)

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