The Bunker Boys 30/11


Presentation of the coveted trophy will have to wait for Stuart’s return as he left town without playing in the final deciding round. With three players neck in neck, and the trophy on the line, Stuart up and heads back to the homeland. Your scribe would of canceled his own funeral to play in this final round. Keith Norman and Tony Scambler were happy to see him go as now all either one had to do was finish in the top four to be crowned Golfer of the Month. Wasn’t to be as they both bombed out and Stuart wins in absentia. Congrats Stuart — you lucky dog!

Monday, November 30, Pattana G.C. B & C Yellow Tees — Stableford —
The Eagle Has Landed. Landing followed by feasting is not guaranteed. Just ask Colin, Paul, and Ben as between these three all four par-5’s were hit in two; but the Eagle went hungry. Too bad!
It was a great day for the thirty-three Bunker Boys that struggled through the roadworks on Rt.331 to play the beautiful Pattana G.C.: a 33 stableford average, with sixteen percent posting scores in the 70’s. That’s right — 70’s gross! WOW!
A big hearty welcome back and go go to Patrick Kelly (+2 ) who is in town warming up with the Bunker Boys for the upcoming Asian Qualifying Rounds in Hua Hin. Good luck and keep your head down.
1st Colin Greig (10) 41 pts
2nd Gez Williams (14) 37 pts
3rd Keith Smithson (2) 36 pts
1st Peter Allen (30) 38 pts
2nd Andy Brady (18) 37 pts
3rd Mike Johns (15) 35 pts cb
Near Pins: Colin Greig (2), Frank Quinlan, Peter Allen

Wednesday, December 2, Khao Kheow C.C. B & C Yellow Tees — Stableford —
As the saying goes, ” there’s always a first time for everything “. Indeed, today was the first time ever to show up at the lovely Khao Kheow C.C. and there weren’t enough caddies to go around. The issue was soon rectified and the delay was minimal.
The course, as usual, was in good nick and it was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. Mike Corner especially liked the par-5 No.7 on the C-course. Playing off a twenty handicap, he birdied this challenging hole to collect five stableford points. Claims it was his first ever five point stableford posting. Like the saying goes ” there’s always a first time for everything “.
1st Geoff Parker (14) 36 pts
2nd Mike Lloyd (16) 35 pts
3rd Gez Williams (14) 34 pts
1st P.J. Redmond (28s) 38 pts
2nd Peter Allen (30) 33 pts
3rd Frank Quinlan (29) 32 pts
Near Pins: Neil Hurst, Gez Williams, Mike Lloyd, Peter Allen

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