The Bunker Boys 27/07

Mountain Shadow G.C. Blue Tees — Stableford —

It was a great day for golf at the not so well manicured Mountain Shadow G.C.. Playing from the blue tees at 6,300 yards under overcast skies with little to no wind, the crew was undoubtedly hoping for a better showing than the stableford average of 29 they posted. Not a single golfer played to his handicap, and 35 points took first place.
There was no issue with the course that a rake and lawnmower couldn’t have settled. Fallen leaves and branches were strewn here and there and everywhere, and the grass around the bunkers was high and thick. Twice I should have been in the bunker but my ball was stopped by the leaden grass. With one foot in and one foot out, standing at a ninety degree angle swinging uphill at a ball buried in thick grass on the lip, the chances of getting it close were minimal.

Big Frank stayed away from the bunkers and posted his fourth win of the year beating Colin on count back with 35 points. Raleigh took third place honors over Les Cobban on count back with 34 points.

1st Frank Quinlan (27) 35 pts cb
2nd Colin Greig (8) 35 pts
3rd Raleigh Gosney (17) 34 pts cb
Near Pins: Mashi Kaneta, Jimmy Carr, Colin Greig

Wednesday, July 29, Treasure Hill G.C. Yellow Tees — Stableford —

The windshield wipers ( it’s a shield, not a screen ) were never quiescent on the drive out Rt.331 and, with the downpour upon arrival, bets were on that this would be our first rainout of the year. Fortunately, the golf gods were with us and after about a thirty minute delay we were off and running.
The course was in good shape and new face Alan Flynn didn’t waste any time making his presence known. Making the turn with 20 points — he fell off a bit on the back but managed to play to his handicap,11 — and finishing with 16, Alan wins on his first outing with the Bunker Boys. It obviously wasn’t beginners’ luck and not only is Alan a good golfer, he’s quite the gentleman treating the guys to a round of drinks on our return to The Ranch.

1st Alan Flynn (11) 36 pts
2nd Colin Greig (8) 35 pts
3rd Geoff Cox (15) 34 pts
Near Pins: Alan Flynn, Gerry Cooney, Rab McDonald, Raleigh Gosney

Friday, July 31, Crystal Bay G.C. C & A — Stableford —
With Golfer of the Month on the line and Colin up by five points over Jimmy Carr, today’s round was to be the maker or breaker. Colin romps off with 20 stableford points on the front only to lose his wheels on the back finishing with 32 for a total of 54 Golfer of the Month points. Jimmy hangs steady shooting his handicap, scoring 36 stableford points, and finishing with 56 Golfer of the Month points to edge Colin by two. Congrats Jimmy !!
There were some really fine scores today with forty-two percent of players equaling or bettering their handicaps. Paul Smith (3) was at the top of the totem pole with a very commendable 41 points for a gross score of 70. Beautiful ! Les Cobban (8) wasn’t to be left in the dust scoring 39 points for a gross score of 77. Lovely !! The cream of the crop were at the top of the barrel in today’s round.

1st Paul Smith (3) 41 pts
2nd Les Cobban (8) 39 pts
3rd Roald Thorsen (34) 37 pts
Near Pins: Les Cobban (2), Rab McDonald, Takeshi Hakozaki

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