The Bunker Boys 25/05


It was neck n neck but Geoff pulls ahead in the final two rounds to beat Jimmy Carr for Golfer of the Month. With the mantle stacked full, Geoff will now be shopping for a trophy cabinet to begin a new collection. Congrats Geoff !

Monday, May 25, Plutaluang G.C. North & West — Stableford

The Bunker Boys were barely able to keep their heads above water at the always challenging Navy golf course. Averaging only 29 stableford points, and with no one playing to their handicap, it was not a good day to be a midshipman.

The track was in surprisingly good nick and, believe it or not, the greens had been mowed and were running at an acceptable pace.

1st Steve Durey (19) 34 pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 32 pts cb

3rd Geoff Cox (14) 32 pts

Near Pins: Geoff Parker (2), Les Burns, Steve Durey

Wednesday, May 27, Greenwood G.C. C & B — Stableford

The two contenders for Golfer of the Month — Geoff and Jimmy — were put in the same group so that they could battle it out face to face for the coveted trophy. Fortunately for Geoff, Jimmy was only able to gain a single point on him. Jimmy was heard to say ” it’s not looking good. I’ll need a career round on Friday “.

Meanwhile, Geoff Hart was off to the races. He was definitely in the zone, and with Mashi’s uncharacteristic 3-putt on the final hole, he won going away. Well, make that by one point — one 3-putt. The Bandit unmasked.

I believe there’s an expression something to the effect ” in for a pence, in for a pound “. Let’s change it a bit to ” on by a hair ( you can probably guess what hair I’m thinking of ), on all the way “. That’s how it played out for P.J. enabling him to claim one of his two near pins for the day. The second one wasn’t as hairy as his ball landed within three feet of the cup.

1st Geoff Hart (22) 37 pts

2nd Mashi Kaneta (15) 36 pts

3rd P.J. Redmond (23s) 35 pts

Near Pins: P.J. Redmond (2)

Friday, May 29, Emerald G.C. — Medal

” Is it in the fairway? What fairway? ” was the most commonly heard comment at the good layout, barely lovely, overpriced Emerald G.C.. With dozens of different grasses — read weeds — growing in dozens of directions, the fairways left a lot to be desired. Not pretty to look at nor fun to play off of. Of course, this was not the condition of all the fairways, but of too many. On the other hand, the bunkers were in good shape and the greens were only a bit slow.

Our favorite ” Silver Bird ” — P.J. — could have had a hard time choosing between red and yellow as the silver tee markers on numerous holes were placed in both positions. What?? A fledgling would have been at a bit of an impasse but this wasn’t Silver’s first barbecue — obviously. He knew what to do — the rules — and followed them to the letter.

Tony was the man of the day not only winning the competition dough but also pocketing the prised KPK voucher. It looks like lamb shanks for dinner tonight, and bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow — Wiltshire bacon, that is.

1st Tony Robbins (17) 72 net cb

2nd P.J. Redmond (23s) 72 net

3rd Peter Habgood (21) 73 net cb

Near Pins: Peter Habgood, Ed Wychoff (2)

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P.S. Dear Martin, I couldn’t help noticing that in the last few editions of the paper P.J.’s handicap has not been listed according to the report. The Bunker Boys have him listed as 23s, not 23. Respectfully, Raleigh





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