The Bunker Boys 22/06

Monday, June 22, Pattaya C.C. Blue Tees — Stableford —

What a pleasant surprise to see Lee Butler pulling up in front of The Ranch on a Monday morning. Many of us were beginning to think he had forgotten his way out of the dark side. Hopefully, everyone had a chance to touch base with him as, after the round he had today, we probably won’t be seeing him again for a while.

The course was actually in pretty good nick and at 1,350 baht all in for seniors it’s a great deal. The greens on the back nine still need a bit of work but the consensus back at The Ranch was very positive.

P.J. may still be out on the course looking for his wheels as they obviously came off somewhere on the back nine. Cruising into the turn with a cool 23 points he shambled off the 18th green with a total of 34.

1st Peter Allen (30) 37 pts

2nd Les Hall (24) 35 pts

3rd Jimmy Carr (19) 34 pts cb

4th P.J. Redmond (23s) 34 pts

Near Pins: Jerry Wazalankoff (2), Jimmy Carr, Robert Smith

Wednesday, June 24, Treasure Hill G.C. — Stableford —

The case could easily be made that, from layout to layout, t-box to t-box, fairway to fairway, green to green, baht to baht, Treasure Hill is the best golf value in the world. At 650 baht a round, I challenge anyone to make the comparison.

The course was in perfect condition and there for the taking, but the Bunker Boys were unable to unearth the treasure. With no one playing to their handicap and an average stableford score of just 28, the treasure remained safe for the time being. We’ll have another go at it next month.

One likely reason for the not so commendable scores was the slow play. The society that teed in front of us put a 5-ball out in front of our first group. With all due respect we would like to politely suggest that if you have nine players you put them out in groups of three — not four and five. Thank you.

Richard Baldotto, Geoff Parker, P.J. Redmond, and Les Hall are all probably wishing they had saved a bit for the last couple holes as they were all edged out of third place on count back by Rab McDonald.

1st Peter Allen (30) 33 pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 32 pts

3rd Rab McDonald (16) 30 pts cb

Near Pins: Tony Robbins (2), Richard Baldotto, Les Hall

Friday, June 26, Greenwood G.C. A & B — Medal —

We arrived to find the course deserted and very very wet. It must have been raining continuously for hours, if not days, before our arrival as galoshes woud have been more appropriate footwear than golf shoes. Needless to say, lift, clean, and place was the order of the day.

In addition to having to bob and weave between the ponds in the fairways, one had to contend with greens that were in the worst condition we’ve ever seen at this lovely course. I’m talking bumpy with bare patches on almost every flat spot. Very very surprising for a course that is usually in top notch condition. Oh well, even a greenskeeper deserves a holiday.

All this considered, an average medal score of 81 was probably not so bad — well, anyway, it’s a good excuse.  Three of our ten guys managed to fight through the conditions and post a score in the 70’s. Jimmy Carr winning with a 76, followed by Les Hall at 78, and Geoff Cox third with 79.

1st Jimmy Carr (19) 76 net

2nd Les Hall (24) 78 net

3rd  Geoff Cox (14) 79 net

Near Pins: Tony Robbins, Frank Quinlan, Geoff Parker


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