The Bunker Boys 02/11

Big Frank can thank the golf gods, or more precisely, Tony Robbins, for his win by a nose in the Golfer of the Month contest. Tony had managed to build up a substantial lead half-way through the month of October when, wouldn’t you know it, he decides to take a week holiday and go surfing with some of the beauties down on the Gold Coast, Australia. Upon his return his lead had, of course, been whittled down but he was still in the running and only Big Frank had a chance to put it to him. It all came down to the final round of the month; medal play at the always tricky Emerald G.C.. Frank needed a third place or better finish just to have a chance for a tie. Having taken third place at Treasure Hill four days previously, and third place at Wangjuntr G.C. just two days prior, was it on the cards for Big Frank to pull off a trifecta?? YES, it was!! Big Frank finished in third place to wind up in a tie with Tony for Golfer of the Month. After much head scratching and thumbing of a calculator, Frank was declared Golfer of the Month on count back. Way to go Big Frank — Mr. third place.

Monday, November 2, Khao Kheow G.C. C & A Yellow Tees — Stableford —
The Sunday night storm was obviously more severe in this area than in Pattaya as a number of the fairways and bunkers had areas of standing water: and leaves, branches, assorted debris was scattered here and there. No worries for the Bunker Boys as we always enjoy playing this great golf course — regardless of the conditions.
Many of our guys from the northern climes are beginning to show up for the winter and, today, for the first time in months, we were able to organize two flights with the cut at 16.3. Even with an aching back and gammy leg, Tony Scambler was able to hobble around the course and take first place in A-flight with 37 points. Gerry Cooney was second with 35 points; and Colin Greig came out on top of a four-way count back to take third with 34 points.
Les Hall led the way in B-flight with 36 points; followed by P.J. Redmond taking second place on count back over Steve Durey with 33 points.
1st Tony Scambler (13) 37 pts
2nd Gerry Cooney (15) 35 pts
3rd Colin Greig (9) 34 pts cb
1st Les Hall (24) 36 pts
2nd P.J. Redmond (25s) 33 pts cb
3rd Steve Durey (19) 33 pts
Near Pins: Mashi Kaneta, Mike Johns, Ken Davidson, Keith Norman

Wednesday, November 4, Crystal Bay G.C. A & C — Stableford —
Everyone was in agreement that the course was in the best condition that anyone could remember. There were comments like ” wow, they’ve actually hired a greenskeeper “, and ” this place has to be one of the best values in town “. Keep at it Crystal Bay. We always enjoy coming up here.
There were some excellent scores today with nearly thirty percent of the golfers playing near to or bettering their handicaps. Keith Norman lead the way in A-flight with a very commendable 43 points; and Ken Young in B-flight with 38 points.
1st Keith Norman (12) 43 pts
2nd Stuart Tinkler (17) 39 pts
3rd Dave Ashman (16) 36 pts
1st Ken Young (27) 38 pts
2nd Tore Eliassen (19) 37 pts
3rd Geoff Hart (23) 33 pts cb
Near Pins: Steve Durey, Geoff Hart, Tore Eliassen, Keith Norman

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