The Bunker Boys 14/09

Crystal Bay G.C. C & A — Stableford —
We were happy to see the safe return of Duncan Lee from his travels in Nepal and India. Fortunately, he wasn’t in Nepal when the big quake hit a few months back. He didn’t waste any time making his way to the podium scoring 37 points at the wet and soggy Crystal Bay G.C.. Overnight rains left the course with little to no run on the fairways, ponds in the bunkers, and nappy greens.
Two wipes on the 18th hole resulted in Les Hall taking first place on count back. Duncan steps into the T-box with 37 points, and Geoff Parker with 36. Both men proceeded to blob the hole and, the winner is, Les Hall. As they say ” odure happens “.
1st Les Hall (23) 37 pts cb
2nd Duncan Lee (16) 37 pts
3rd Geoff Parker (15) 36 pts
Near Pins: Tony Robbins, Duncan Lee, Geoff Parker, Les Hall

Wednesday, September 16, Burapha G.C. A & B — Stableford —
The torrential overnight rains, which created havoc in the Chonburi area, must have discouraged many of the Bunker Boys as only four players showed up to play this lovely course. Too bad for them. The course was in great shape and the skies didn’t open up until we were almost finished with our round.
Mike Johns was the man of the day taking first place and two near pins. Okay, he only scored 32 points but a W is a W even if he’s only competing against three players.
1st Mike Johns (16) 32 pts
2nd Tony Robbins (17) 31 pts
3rd Frank Quinlan (29) 30 pts
Near Pins: Mike Johns (2)


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