The Bunker Boys 13/07

Monday, July 13, Crystal Bay G.C. C & A — Medal —
It was somewhat of an interesting day at the rapidly deteriorating ( dry as a bone ) Crystal Bay G.C.. Two quintuple and two quadruple bogeys, and only one near pin. This couldn’t possibly of been the result of badly nicked-up / burnt out fairways, and patchwork quilt greens.
Geoff Cox was the not so proud owner of the two quadruple and one quintuple bogeys’, and Colin Greig managed a quintuple bogey after putting two in the water on the par 4 18th ( A-9 ). Lying two just sixty yards from the pin, Colin would of no doubt used the flat stick if the water hazard hadn’t been staring him in the face. Being the great chipper man that he is, he proceeds to chip two in the water and walks off speaking German — “Nine”.
Frank Quinlan posted his third win of the year by making a 40 foot putt for par on the 18th to close out his round with a net 72 beating Geoff Parker on count back. Frank has been the mainstay of the Bunker Boys this year playing in more competitions than many others put together.
1st Frank Quinlan (29) 72 net cb
2nd Geoff Parker (13) 72 net
3rd P.J. Redmond (23s) 74 net
Near Pins: Les Hall

Wednesday, July 15, BangPakong G.C. — Stableford —
As Neil would say ” I want to love you but I’m getting blown away “, was what it felt like out on this track today. I’m talking gusts that would knock you over, and steady gale force winds that would keep you down. WINDY !
The issue with the wind didn’t seem to bother our new face — Raymond Conway — ,and the first syllable of the family name may bear some significance, as it was immediately discovered that yeah, you guessed it, Ray was a sixteen handicapper when he took up golf years ago. After today, it was decided that Ray would feel much more comfortable playing off of eight. We always welcome new players for a competitive round of golf.
1st Raymond Conway (16) 35 pts
2nd Geoff Parker (13) 33 pts
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 31 pts
Near Pins: Raymond Conway, Jimmy Carr, Geoff Parker

Friday, July 17, Emerald G.C. — Stableford —
Down through the ages golfers, and even LGBT, have been bedeviled by how to get it in an unshorn hole. No problem for Colin ( of course not ) as he overcame the shaggy ( no pun intended ) conditions around the holes to post a very respectable 38 points. Unshorn and shaggy refers to the furry areas around the cup due to the pin placement remaining in place for days on end. Or, so I’ve been told.
The course was in as good a shape as we’ve seen it in months, and the weather was perfect. Too bad we could only come up with an average stableford score of 32.
1st Colin Greig (8) 38 pts
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 37 pts
3rd Ross Schiffke (18) 36 pts
Near Pins: Les Cobban (2), Colin Greig

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