The Bunker Boys 07/09

Monday, September 7, BangPra G.C. — Stableford —
Everything was in place for a great day of golf: beautiful course, blue skies, and eleven Bunker Boys anxious to get on with it. Les Cobban led the way with 37 points; followed by P.J. with 36, and Mike Johns with 34.
The course was in good nick; there were very few people, and the monkeys were out in force. Just another one of those days to write home about.
1st Les Cobban (8) 37 pts
2nd P.J. Redmond (25s) 36 pts
3rd Mike Johns (17) 34 pts
Near Pins: Frank Quinlan, Tony Robbins, Geoff Parker

Wednesday, September 11, Pattaya C. C. — Stableford —
Selecting the correct club, to insure achieving the desired distance, is the cornerstone of being a successful golfer. The task is made quite easy when putting on the patchwork / bumpy greens of this track; you need a fairway wood. The greenskeeper — if there is one — could have topped off his days’ work by placing a windmill on many of the greens — just for the aesthetics of the place. That being said, the price is right and, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
The condition of the greens didn’t effect Mike Johns as he romped home with a very fine 38 points and yes, indeed, he was using his 3-wood as a putter. Peter Allen, also quite adept with the fairway wood, took second place; with Tony Robbins coming in third.
1st Mike Johns (17) 38 pts
2nd Peter Allen (29) 35 pts
3rd Tony Robbins (17) 33 pts
Near Pins: Les Hall, Peter Allen, Mike Johns

Friday, September 11, Pattavia G.C. — Stableford —
What a wonderful feeling it is to gaze out over lush green fairways lined by beautiful flowering shrubs and trees. This was the scene that greeted the nine Bunker Boys that made the drive out 331. It had rained overnight, so the fairways weren’t allowing much roll; bunkers were a tad muddy but, all in all, the course was in close to perfect condition.
Gerry Cooney made his move early and stayed on track to post an excellent 41 points. The rest of the field played well posting an average stableford score of 33. Fine course / fine day / fine play.
1st Gerry Cooney (16) 41 pts
2nd Les Hall (24) 38 pts
3rd Mike Johns (17) 36 pts
Near Pins: Trevor Priestly, Tony Robbins, Raleigh Gosney (2)

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