The Bunker Boys 04/01

Monday, January 4, BangPra G.C. — Stableford —
The monkeys were out in full force at the ever popular BangPra G.C.. They had obviously been spending a lot of time huddling in the bushes as youngins abounded. Your scribe had the unfortunate luck of seeing his lunch eaten by Big Papa. Damn monkeys!!
Mike Corner was the star performer of the day posting an outstanding 44 stableford points. His play on the par-4 13th hole brought back memories of Sir Wallis’s bouncing bombs as Mike’s ball landed in the creek guarding the approach to the green and proceeds to bounce along the water coming to rest on the green within a few feet of the cup. Mike pockets another par on his way to a magnificent 44 points. Some guys have all the luck. My ball would have sunk to the bottom reminiscent of the battleship Yamato’s destiny at the battle for Okinawa.
It wasn’t a real memorable day for the BB’s as only 2 of 32 players were able to play to or better their handicaps. Averaging just 29 stableford points, a lot of shots were left out on the course.
1st Tony Robbins (18) 35 pts cb
2nd Mashi Kaneta (15) 35 pts
3rd Colin Greig (11) 34 pts
1st Mike Corner (21) 44 pts
2nd Tim Winder (24) 36 pts
3rd Mike Brett (19) 35 pts
Near Pins: G. Buff Stuart, Bob Duxbury, Ken Ellmore, Ralph McConell

Wednesday, January 6, Burapha G.C. C & D Blue Tees — Stableford —
The C and D nines at Burapha are some of the more interesting tracks in the area. For the average Joe — read typical Pattaya Don Juan — playing from the blue tees seems too long and from the whites too short: from the blues it’s damned if you do, from the whites damned if you don’t. Perfectly accurate club selection and course management is imperative; but difficult. Add to this greens a bit rough around the edges ( rough around the edges is a euphemism for ragged / rough / not running quick or true ), untended bunkers, and bombarding gnats, and the result was a rough day at the office. All this was attested to by every position in A-flight being taken on count back with a mere 31 points; and an overall stableford average of a paltry 28.
On this particular beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the powers that be decreed we were going to resign our fate to the damned if you do — blue tees — version of these enigmatic tracks. MISTAKE ! The majority of our guys were close to revolt upon the realization we were playing six par-4’s of over 400 yards, two par-3’s of over 200 yards, and a hole — C-9 — with water-carry that would give Bubba Watson pause for reflection. Later, back at The Ranch, it was decided the powers that be must wear blue body paint for the remainder of their golfing careers.
1st Neil Jones (18) 31 pts cb
2nd Derek Stephenson (10) 31 pts cb
3rd Geoff Parker (13) 31 pts cb
1st Tony Robbins (18) 37 pts
2nd Ken Davidson (25) 33 pts
3rd Lee Butler (20) 31 pts cb
Near Pins: Peter Platt, Lee Butler, Geoff Parker

Friday, January 8, Pattaya C.C. Blue Tees — Medal —
Many golf societies in Pattaya seem to be somewhat involved in area charity activities for the less well-off among us: This is good. Your scribe would like to humbly suggest a charity drive for the beautification of Pattaya C.C.. Depending on the amount of funds raised, we could: resod some fairways turning brown to green, install vine covering lattice fences blocking out the unattractive surrounding barren fields, plant flowering shrubs and trees, and pave the dirt / pot-holed walkway between holes nine and ten. We will leave the issue of greens on the back nine to a future fund raising event.
Many of our regulars participated in the PSC Championship leaving the field wide open for the nineteen BB’s that showed up to play the track with the beautiful clubhouse. Frank Quinlan jumped on the opportunity to win B-flight going away: net 68, outdistancing his closest competitor by 7 points. Mike Brett wasn’t as domineering in winning A-flight, but even with a couple 7’s and an 8 managed to post a very respectable net 73.
A very hearty welcome back to an old time Bunker Boy — Peter Habgood. Peter has suffered through some serious medical issues but claims to now be A-OK and immediately proved his point by claiming a near pin in his first round in weeks. Yoo, Peter, stay out of the hospital.
1st Mike Brett (19) net 73
2nd Barry Murnin (17) net 75
3rd Tony Berry (13) net 76
1st Frank Quinlan (29) net 68
2nd Peter Allen (29) net 75 cb
3rd Alex Kilcoyne (27) net 75
Near Pins: Peter Habgood, Tom McDowell, Alex Kilcoyne (2)


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